Herbs for Cramps

elvinchic323June 14, 2005

I want to start drying my herbs and using them as often as possible. What are the ways I can use herbs to help with muscle cramps? I tend to have bad stomach aches as well, what can help this? Also, how do I make one of those neck pillows you heat in the microwave? Lastly, I want to make a mint eye pillow.. Need instructions.

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so many questions! :o) okay, MY question...why do you have stomach aches? If you don't know why, you can't take an herb to help it. What are the WAYS to use herbs to help with muscle cramps? Same question, WHY are you having muscle cramps... MOST muscle cramps are caused by either not enough fluid intake or not enough potassium, so drink more water or eat more fruit!
the rest you could google... I use bulgar wheat for the neck pillows, not sure about mint eye pillow. sorry!

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carne27(z6 KY)

I make rice pillows every Christmas, they are very simple to do. If you know how to sew a basic pillow, just fill it about 1/2 full with white rice, so it can be easily formed around neck, etc... I usually put dried lavendar in mine to make the smell a little more pleasant. I have also used chammomile and cloves. I have never tried to use oils but have thought about it. The pillows only need about 3 minutes or so to heat in the microwave , but you will figure that out. Hope that helped!!


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Heathen is right (again). It is unwise to treat a symptom only. You need to find the cause of the symptom before beginning any treatment.

However, to prevent cramping in general, you need plenty of calcium, magnesium and potassium in your diet, and to drink more fluids. Bananas might be a quick fix in some situations.

But, please, check with your doctor to see why you are getting this pain so often. Do not medicate without a diagnosis!

As for the mint eye pillow, the simplest version is a peppermint teabag. But first, what condition are you trying to treat? It pays to be very careful what you put in or near your eyes.

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If you're interested in herbal 'tea' for menstrual-type cramps, try red raspberry leaves.

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

I agree on the menstial cramps...I also find comfort from Chamomile


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For cramps of all kinds, 1000mg calcium plus 500mg
magnesium plus 500mg vitamin C ( the minerals relax
smooth muscle, the C increases your uptake by a factor
of three. Stomach aches; when do you get them, before
you eat or after? What kind of pain? Do you vomit?
Are you pregnant? Other hormone imbalance, birth
control pills, patch, etc.? How much water do you
drink a day? Bacterial infection? Hiatal hernia? Acid?
Number of possibilities. How long have you been doing
this? Do you use alcohol often? Stomach and muscle
cramps can be a mass in your intestine or an abcess,
if it really hurts and gets worse. You might want to
cut the possibilities down to a reasonable number before
you ask this question and use herbs for it.

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