Loquats ripening

MrClintMarch 1, 2014

'Champagne' loquats are beginning to ripen. 'Big Jim' not too far behind.

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Mmmmmm Loquats! I have Tangerines and a few strawberries. How big are your trees? My grammie's house in Downey had a big loquat tree that had a zillion loquats every year. We loved it as kids. That tree never had any problems or needed spraying of any kind. The most work was picking the fruit. We used to have bbq days and pick loquats to take home and give out to neighbors. Downey has some beautiful sandy loam.

I miss that old neighborhood. In the 60s-70s they would have trick or treat night on the nearest Sat. so we would go on Sat. in Downey and then Halloween night at home in Orange County.

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Ah, the good old days in So Cal as a youth. :)

My trees are still small, but loquats are precocious enough to let fruit. I do thin the fruit out of habit more than anything else. Since I'm a BYOC fan, they will never be allowed to get bigger than I can reach standing on the ground. But you are right, I see a lot of monster loquats around town.

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I have a potted grafted 8 foot loquat that in past years I would cart in and out of the house in December to allow the bees to pollinate it, and the best I would do would be one or two loquats a year. This year I just gave up and just left it inside and of course the tree is loaded with fruit now.I wonder whether I had been freezing out the blossoms. I don't expect mine to ripen until May.

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creekweb, I hadn't thought of loquat as an indoor plant, but the tropical look in a tall sun room is a winning idea. Nice to know that loquats are self pollinating. I had to research to verify. It's surprising seeing the way that bees are drawn to the flowers.

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It makes a nice looking house plant with fragrant blossoms during the winter, but without supplemental lighting I'm not yet sold on its suitability as an inside fruiting plant. Most of the fruiting season is inside under a weak winter sun with limited hours of direct sunlight, probably not enough to produce sweet fruits. Fruits so far have been mediocre.

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