pruning peach trees after blooms start?

wertach zone 7-B SCMarch 17, 2014

I was in the process of pruning my peach trees a few weeks ago. It was still cold and they were still dormant.

Then rain with very warm weather came. Plus I had to work late, so didn't get to finish before they started blooming.

Would it be best to let it go until next winter or can I still prune?

I really need to cut some long branches that will be too weak to support the fruit and open up the center more.

I guess I can just pick off the fruit further up the long branches to keep them from breaking if I cant prune now.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

If my trees I'd keep right on pruning. I'd just be a little more careful not to strip off any bark now that it's probably slipping.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Thanks Fruit Nut. I guess I'll put on my rain suit and get back at it this evening!

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My trees are in full bloom, and I'd be very wary about pruning now. I think I would vigorously thin the branches in question, and prune next winter.

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alan haigh

If canker is an issue there you should only prune in dry weather.

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