Yellow Egg Euro Plum

thaprankstaMarch 21, 2014

Does anyone have experience with this plum? Does it have the same issues with rot as the other Euros in humid, hot areas?

Right now, I have a pair of J. plums and thinking of adding 1 euro that is capable of not producing a nightmare of rot and disease problems.


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alan haigh

Not one I grow but I wonder why you single out that one. My advice would be to run with the latest ripening variety that can be grown and ripened in your climate so that it might ripen after the worst humidity of summer. The fruit can take some frost as long as temps don't go too far down into the '20's. Their high sugar stops them from easily freezing.

European plums bloom after J's so at least the flower buds are more likely to survive a frosty spring.

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Thanks for the reply. I asked about the yellow egg in particular because I don't see particular information about it on the forum. I have read, however, it could have some good disease resistance and it is good eaten fresh if left on the tree long enough.

Really what I am trying to do is decide if there is another stone fruit (for fresh eating) that I would like to add. Nectarines and euro plums have always seemed forbidden for backyard growers in the Southeast from what I have read because of rot issues. So if you have any specific recommendation with euro plum that would be great to try, I am all ears.

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alan haigh

Wish I could help, but all my experience with E. plums is in SE NY. If you are willing to do a couple fungicide sprays with Monterey Fungus Fighter or maybe 3 with Captan in the weeks before ripening maybe rot wouldn't keep you from a harvest. You could try something like Empress.

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I grew Yellow Egg in Virginia in the 70's and 80's. Yes it was very susceptible to brown rot. Cant' say much for the flavor, even when the brown rot is controlled with copper fungicides. I planted it because we had a delicious yellow freestone plum when I was a kid. Yellow Egg was definitely not it.

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Thanks, I think I am going to avoid the Yellow Egg and look for a late ripening variety as suggested.

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