Medicinal Use of Herbs

seattle_growerJuly 4, 2011

I am looking for suggestions on books I can use as references for using herbs medicinally.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Certainly search the back posts here and in the "Herbs" forum for using herbs.

Look for books by Richo Cech, James Green, and Peterson's Medicinal Plants Field Guide.

Is there a particular type of herbalism you are interested in? There are good books for specific herbal traditions as well, but you would have to say what you are interested in for anyone to make those suggestions.


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mcfaroff(z5/6 NM)

Hi seattle, 5 good books to start with are Deni Bown's encyclopedia of herbs, michael moore's medicinal plants of the mountain west; James Duke's the green pharmacy;p Balch's prescription for nutritional healing; S Tilgner's herbal medicine from the heart of the earth. Sorry caps and punctuation etc lacking. There are a lot of respected herbalist who have written books a lot of them were students of michael moore. Good luck, Gloria

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The Chinese Herb Selection Guide by Charles Belanger. Dui Yao (don't know the author. I check it out of DPL). Los Remedios De La Gente. Medicinal Plants of the Rocky Mountains by Michael Moore. Journal of Ethnobotany online. Lust's herbal. Here in Denver we have meetups with curanderos we can go to. See if your area has this. Local viet or chinese herbalists.

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'The Way of Herbs' by well known herbalist Michael Tierra is the classic for the person who wants to learn about common herbs and how to use them. Mr. Tierra is a naturopath, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and acupuncturist living and working in California. His book which is easy to understand and use also includes simple formula recipes and information on how to make your own teas, tinctures, etc. Beginners and more knowledgable folks alike will enjoy this book. Highly recommended.

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