Social Anxiety/calm/relaxive herbs

bossdudeJuly 12, 2007

My brother having a hard time dealing with this, lifetime really,

I suggested st johns, seredyn, amoryn, which hes using but from what I hear its going ho-hum.

Anyhow theres a plethora of herbs that claim to help and would appreciate it if any of you could vouch for some that would either

A: Work to 'cure/alleviate' SA

B:Some potent relaxors or things to combat physical/mental anxiety(no meds, he doesnt trust em and I cant say I disagree)

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jennijenjen(z9b FL)

Sleepytime tea helps my mom with anxiety and I believe yoga helps with relaxation & mental clarity.

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Its a shame he refuses to try medication. Anxiety responds well to medication and often a few months of meds allows for enough relaxation for talk therapy/ behaviour therapy to work.

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I make a tea of skullcap, passionflower leaves, mint and rose petals for anxiety/depression/lack of calm. The skullcap has worked for me for years. Passionflower leaf is a calming sedative, very gentle. The mint and rose petals are for pleasant taste and color.
Good health, Jeanine

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