Basil stalks dying from bottom up

kathie_herbsJuly 27, 2007

Help! I bought two beautiful basil plants and put them in clay pots with drain holes. I left one in my kitchen and put the other on the west patio where it gets full afternoon sun. After reading some of your responses, I realized I've been overwatering the plants. We also got much needed rain for the last couple of days. On both plants, the stalks have turned brown and dried up looking from the soil up about an inch and a half. What did I do to make them that way? Also, if I cut the plants above the dead area and put them in water will that help save the plants, since they may root in the water?

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If the leaves are healthy, the stems are healthy. They do turn woody with age - they never stay green for long. I don't think you've got a problem at all. Basil can take a lot of water - the important thing is drainage.

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