how low can temps drop after grafting?

cousinfloydMarch 20, 2013

I have trees in the ground that are at the stage I'd like to graft them at and the weather seems fine (not too warm or windy), but the forecast for tomorrow night is calling for mid to low twenties. Does that matter? Is it bad if it gets too cold on a fresh graft, and if so, how cold is too cold?

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I've had grafts freeze out.
Not sure what your hurry is - maybe you've been a lot warmer there than we have here, but I'm still weeks away from doing any grafting. For most stuff, I want the rootstock to have broken dormancy and be actively growing.

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Thanks, Lucky!
If freezing is a concern, I'll definitely hold off a little longer.
However, the first of the callery pears that I'll be using for rootstock broke dormancy over two weeks ago. They're all "actively" growing now, but not as actively as if we had had warmer weather. Last year, which was, of course, a very early spring, I did most of my grafts the 7th and 12th of March, and I had very good takes. I had poorer takes with the few I did later, so I've been more afraid of warm weather than cold, but it sounds like the other extreme is something to worry about, too. To give you an idea where spring is at here my guthrie plum has lots of bloom already and a Kieffer is the first pear to be pushing growth especially from the terminal buds, but my apricot and peach and the serviceberries haven't started blooming yet.

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You're ahead of us.
Star & xsoulangeana magnolias are in bloom. Red maples showing color. Clematis had 2 sets of new leaves on tender stems last weekend. Noticed Siberian crab in the orchard beginning to leaf; Flowering quince showing some color. Callery pears still dormant, though I've been a bit surprised that they haven't popped yet.

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