Emergency tincture?

megintn(7)July 16, 2010

Somehow I have run out of Echinacea tincture. I have a sick baby goat and need to give her something. Does anyone know if there is an emergency extraction method I can use? It needs to be pretty concentrated so I can get an effective dose in her. Normal veterinary dose is the same as for a child, so it would have been about 15 drops of tincture..if I had any made up! I could make tea, but need pretty concentrated liquid since I have to give it to her orally with a syringe. Unless I use a stomach tube, there is no way to get enough tea in her to be effective.

I have both E. angustifolia and purpurea dried available.

Thanks, Megan

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The best way to make it quickly is to do a short decoction. That means just simmer it in water for 2-3 mins., turn the flame off, cover and let steep for 15-30 mins. The concentration will be determined by the ratio of water to root. You shouldn't need it too strong for a goat. It's better to give small amounts several times rather than one large amount all at once.

Hope this helps.

Charlie in Arizona
The Herbalist

Here is a link that might be useful: Herbal Nutrition & Science Course

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The fastest way to make a tincture is by the percolation method, a few hours.....numerous online sites detail how to do it. Echinacea is very good, perhaps even better, as a tea. Tincture however has the advantages of convenience, can use a low volume dose, and bypasses the GI tract and therefore being directly absorbed into the bloodstream. A good tincture formula for sick children ailing from most anything is a tincture made of equal parts echinacea, chamomile, linden flower, hawthorn berry, lemon balm and california poppy.

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