Freezing Basil

Dori2000(6)July 24, 2012

I was just reading the forum about drying vs freezing herbs. I have basil and would like to know the process for freezing it.I saw someone said to process with water and put in ice cubes. I want to save it for seasoning or making pesto. I appreciate any advice. I am new to the forum. Thank you in advance.

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Please visit the Herbs forum and search through the back posts. This has been answered there many times so you should be able to get how to do it as well as recipes and more.


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make the pesto (don't add cheese yet) then freeze in small containers with a layer of olive oil on top to keep air out, this preserves the taste and color of the basil. when you want to use it, simply thaw, add parmesan and there you have it, fresh tasting pesto everytime. enjoy!

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