Hair restoration, swelling and infection

poet4uJuly 23, 2007

Just a few days ago I had some hair restored. However I have had swelling that they rarely see. Both my eyes are black swollen half shut with the nose being several times as wide esp near the eyes. I look like a rabbit. Swelling in back of the ears not far from the incision and the incision where they took the grafts from it sore to the touch and somewhat swollen. I would like to swelling down so I am using ice and wonder if there is anything else for that esp my black swollen eyes. Also I would like something to draw out any infection around the incision area (had some clay, giner sea salt combo for bath that I purch. at health food store and used it for 30 min. as a wet pack). Spoke to the doc and he said he does not think it is infection buy edema-swelliing. Thanks! Neil

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Well, arnica ointment is good for bruises, but don't EVEN get it in your eyes or near the incision! I am not a doctor, so you should do your research before trying it, but I'd say arnica ointment.

Here is a link that might be useful: herbmed - arnica

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