Cat with abcess in armpit

axelsrose(zone 5)July 29, 2006


Please forgive my ignorance, I know very little about herbal remedies. I have a cat with an abcess in his armpit. This is a feral stray that I have taken in. We have sutured it, then stapled it, they did not hold. We have done several antibiotics including a month long round of Amoxicillin, all to no avail. Each time the wound will not granulate in and the infection returns. We are at the point of either amputating or putting him down. I am willing to try anything, he is a very nice and deserving cat. We are at 8 months of working with this wound and it is no better. I have read about using a poutice and wondered if anyone had any experience with using one on a cat with a wound of this type. Or if you have any other opinions or experiences PLEASE, PLEASE share them. Thanks, Susan

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If the wounds are not healing, there is a strong possibliity that the cat has the feline equivalent of AIDS.

What does the vet say?

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axelsrose(zone 5)

No, he has been tested. He is Felv/Fiv negative. The Dr. said that it was because of where the wound is, the constant movement and his ever increasing size. Apparently he was without food for a very long time. Now he is a nice round kitty. I am not too sure this wound was an abcess. When he first came, he seemed to have some nerve damage. He seemed to have little to no control over his bowels. He would "go" anywhere, in his bed, while eating, sitting on the rail of the porch. I wintered him in the barn, and that has cleared up. He now seems to be able to tell when he has to go and goes to the box. No problems. But it did make me wonder if he might have been injured in another way, maybe hit by a car. There were no obvious signs though, except this wound. His name is Cole. I don't know, there was another cat, all black like Cole, that showed up at about the same time. Binx. He came and was eating well for me. Then he disappeared for about two weeks. When he came back, one of his rear knees was blown and he had lost all the weight I had put on him, very thin again. Vet said it would heal and it did. Binx's ear was cut, tip removed, which means a feral cat organization who traps, neuters and releases feral cats had neutered him. It's a way to visually identify cats they have already trapped. Cole was also neutered, but has both ear tips. Maybe he was just dumped. Who knows. Anyway, I am interested in any advise you might have in the way of herbal healing. Thanks, Susan

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ninjabut(USDA z 8,CA)

I think it was probably 30 yrs ago, a couple of kittens were dumped in our driveway. They both had abscesses, one to the throat, so bad that you could hear it breathing through the wound!
The vet did his thing, but wouldn't garuntee that it wouldn't come back.
What we used was golden seal, diluted ALOT! Something like 10:1 with water. Otherwise it will BURN!!! We would first use a sprayer with peroxide to kind of open the wound, then spray the golden seal mixture on about 3x per day.
The vet was quite impressed.
Abscesses have to heal from the inside out. Otherwise the infection will stay inside and reinfect. This is the reason for the peroxide. It kind of disolves the scab so you can get the meds down deep.
This worked for us, but I would certainly check with a pro if you have ?s. Nancy

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