Advice on pruning Bing cherry tree.

allenabqMarch 14, 2009

I'm looking for advice on how to prune this Bing cherry tree. I planted it last year, and was hoping for more scaffold branch choices. Didn't get many.

Right now, the tree hasn't reached bud break yet.

Any help appreciated. Photo link:

My Bing Cherry -- Needs pruning?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


I'd say the primary thing your tree needs is more growth. If you cann't get more growth than you did last year, you won't need to prune. But given what you have, I'd probably cut back those two big laterals to force some branching down low.

What rootstock are you on? Are you sure it's getting enough water? Can see you don't have a weed problem.

The Fruitnut

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I believe it's "semi-dwarf". The nursery didn't specify what variety other than that.

When I planted it last year I headed the central trunk to force branching (going for an open center structure). I was hoping the two smaller branches toward the bottom would take off. What I got was the two largest branches you see getting ALL the new growth. And the one at the top starting from nothing.

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"Remove the strong, leave the weak"

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When it starts fruiting. Prune off the cherries and send me some.

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

allenabq, those 2 large scaffolds, clip half off cutting above an out facing bud. You sacrifice a little wood to get the structure right. Encourage open vase growth. Pinch off any shots that grow toward the open center. Nip that twig next to the top scaffold.

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I have a few cherry and pear trees of the same size and for the last two years the rabbits have been prunning them for me and they are very bad prunners. They do this prunning when the ground is covered with a foot or more snow and nothing else to eat (other than cedar hedges which they don't eat). There is something in the fruit trees wood that attracts the rabbits for food. They leave their pooh as fertilizer for the tree as reward. I knew this may happen so I put burlap around one of the new bing cherry plant and I saw squirrel pulling down the burlap and cutting pieces from it, collecting it in the mounth and later taking to the nest for decoration to make it comfortable for the coming Ontario harsh winter. So, it is going to be the chicken wire next year which may allow me to do some prunning to my liking.

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