Hey! What's going on here??

tasymoJuly 26, 2008

I just found myself agreeing heartily with Lucy, Eric just backed up something Apollog said and Brenden admitted to growing and consuming herbs (for culinary purposes), all in different posts. I'm confused! Have I fallen into the twilight zone, or is everyone just having a good day??

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I've only been here about a week and have experienced Eric and Brenden representing the "Big Pharma" world and REALLY DO UNDERSTAND your dilemma. My guess is the "twilight" zone. :)

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Eric_oh, Lucy, and I all like evidence based medicine, which includes evidence based herbs. Apollog does read some evidence based studies and repeat them, the big disagreement I have seen with him is that he assumes a great deal, when he assumes something that has evidence backing it or when he gets evidence that specifically backs his claim (and is not tangential to it) no one is likely to argue the point with him. In this forum Lucy and I are generally in agreement (excepting of course our feelings about delicious delicious lard) but I actually found the herbal;ism forums doing some due diligence on something I disagreed with Lucy about in the apartment living forum.

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Brendan, your "evidence backed" is what's in question. Your evidence comes from the "money packed" studies of the "Big Pharma" industry. Your evidence is HIGHLY TAINTED. I know you won't see this though. You work in this industry so it's not likely you'll find any unbiased research UNLESS you look elsewhere for that info. Just my 2 cents.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Patriotsniper, we have already established elsewhere on this forum that no evidence from any source will be accepted by you unless it fits your current notions of how the world is set up and run. I do not subscribe to that kind of evil demon world view and as a result the world looks very different to me. My opinions can and do change, based on what looks to be evidence. I have yet to see any evidence suggesting that your world view is correct, just your assertions, and those do not count as evidence for me. What does my opinion matter to you anyways? I thought I was a disinformation officer for the NWO.

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One final word. If you want the real news and your watching/reading the MSM (Main Stream Media) you'll need to look elsewhere as this is pure propaganda. While there are numerous sites that deal in real information not propaganda as the MSM does, I suggest starting off your day reading the info on this site. There are numerous articles on different subjects each day.


Just my 2 cents...

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Oh well, tasymo, it was nice while it lasted. :)

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