Bubbly leaf on nectaplum? What is this?

akleMarch 23, 2011

Planted this nectaplum about 3 months ago. It is probably 2-3 years old and was kept in a container. It flowered already and there are little fruit (I removed most of the flowers to promote root/branch growth).

The problem is some of the leafs have this weird bubbly leaf thing. What is this? What should I do?


ps: why can't I upload an image so people can see? Seems like this would be a standard feature on a forum like this

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It's Peach Leaf Curl, my Spice-Zee gets it even with dormant spraying, and continues to get a little all season long. Of al my peaches/nectarines, it is the 2nd most vunerable, only Flordaprince is a worse Curl magnet. You have to keep after it yearly or it will debilitate the tree until it dies.

Carla in Sac

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

A couple of possibilities. If the leaves have red dots and raised spots, it is Peach Leaf Curl. You'll have to spray for it.

If some of the leaves are crinkly, it could be aphids. You have to spray for that, too.

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juniorpilot(USDA 10 Suns 20)

Yup. It is Peach Leaf Curl - a fungus that's everywhere. Hit with a sulphur or copper fungicide once or twice during the dormant season. The last spray just before buds open.

Too late to do anything this spring or summer.

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