blackhead problem

hummersteveJuly 26, 2007

I have a blackhead deep in my forehead. There is a hole there that never closes and you can see the black in the hole. Is there a way I can force this to the top squeezing on the sides wont even begin to make it .

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The microbrasion scrubs are for things like that. The apricot scrubs can cause skin damage because the granules in the scrub are not fine enough. You could steam your face to open the pores prior to useing a good quality scrub. If you are over zealous, you'll take the skin right off your face.

To steam your skin to open pores, you can boil water, fill a large mixing bowl one-third full of boiling water, whilst seated, hold your face over the bowl and place a bath towel over your head to create a mini sauna effect. Steam can burn, so don't put your face too close to the hot water.

After fifteen minutes, gently scrub your face with a micro dermabrasion product. Then use two Q-tips to attempt to squeeze the blackhead free, or wrap facial tissue around your fingers so that you don't damage your skin. Try to get beneath the top of the blackhead to squeeze it out. You will permanently have an enlarged pore because the pore has already become damaged. Use a skin toner, such as witch hazel, to close your pores to finish up the procedure. Biore facial toner is supposed to be able to break down garbage matter, which is trapped in one's skin. You could use that as a preventative against future blackheads.

Alternatively, you can go to a day spa and have them do a facial on you. It is not inexpensive, but it may be money well spent.

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Did you know that there's actually a product called a "pimple popper"?
Well, okay, that may not be the actual name for it... =) but it's this little metal tool with a small round opening that you press against the pimple, and it helps it out without the same damage that your fingers cause. It looks like a mini monkey wrench, kind of. =)
I know, it sounds crazy. =)
When I was complaining about being an adult and still being plagued by the stupid things, my friend told me I could try her "pimple popper" and I thought she was teasing me...but she wasn't, and it worked! =)=)=)

It may not be as successful on one so deep, but it might help in the process that lorna-organic suggested. It's only ten dollars and can be found at Wal-mart or a local beauty supply store. I thought the beauty supply lady would think I was nuts when I asked her about it but she knew what I was talking about. =)
I've been really glad to have it cuz my blemishes don't scar anymore, and that used to be sooo frustrating.

Good luck!

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You still have pimple poppers where you live? It has been years since I've seen one. I lost mine a while back and haven't been able to replace it, no matter how long or hard I've looked! *sigh*

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