Pregnant needing appetite stimulant

beckwants_2b_healthyJuly 17, 2009

I seem to loose my appetite when I get pregnant. This also happened when I was pregnant with my son who is now two. What makes matters more concerning to me this time around is that I am nursing my son while pregnant so it is even more important for me to be getting proper nutrition. Of course I am taking vitamins & I am drinking Ensure, but frankly I feel like eating is almost hard. Nothing sounds good & half the time when I am chewing I feel like I can't make myself swallow the food. This is NOT like morning sickness, as I am familiar with that as well & had that with my last pregnancy & will likely have that show up in a few weeks too....just compounding my issue. I am now just over six weeks pregnant & have lost two pounds. While that isn't a major issue at this point, I want to ensure that I am eating enough for three AND that I don't loose more weight if at all possible, especially of morning sickness is still yet to come. I barely gained enough weight with my last pregnancy & I don't want to wait so long to address it this time...last time I kept thinking it would go away & I would be a normal hungry pregnant woman like they always show on TV...LOL I am otherwise in good health. I do have a propensity for loosing my appetite when nervous or stressed, but never to a point where it is an issue and I have always been a healthy weight. Right now I am a little thinner than usual for me, but I attribute that to better eating, lots of exercise with a toddler & breast feeding. I am 108lbs at 5ft 1in, and in pretty good shape, good muscle tone, etc. I don't think that is terribly thin. I am often told I look the healthiest I have ever looked. :)

Thank you so much for any input or ideas!

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Ginger? Maybe that's more for morning sickness, and it didn't help me anyway.

I think bitter things, like endive, escarole, and broccoli rabe, are traditionally used as appetizers because they're appetizing, that is, they increase the appetite. Good luck!

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Food aversion early in pregnancy is not abnormal. The main problem you face is your milk supply decreasing. You might eat foods rich in B vitamins - as well as the usual green leafy veggies, nutritional yeast flakes are very good - if you can tolerate them. Sprinkled on buttered popcorn it will give you a high calorie nutritious snack. Nuts and seeds are also good things to snack on.

Eat small amount often. Have fresh veggies prepared in the frig and snack on them. Try to eat small amounts of protein frequently. Make hardcooked eggs and keep in the frig. Cook extra chicken for meals and have leftovers available so there's always something in the frig to eat. Make fruit smoothies with yogurt or even ice cream. Drink a small cup of broth or soup. Taking nutritious liquids (other than Ensure) frequently in small amounts will add up.

Are there any foods at all that appeal to you? Perhaps try some new items you seldom eat or add different herbs or condiments to foods for a new flavor.

I hope you are not overwhelmed with the idea of this new pregnancy. Do you have an understanding person to discuss this pregnancy with? All the best to you and do enjoy this time with your 2 year old.

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