Bay laurel

brandi_kyJuly 16, 2006

I have a bay laurel grown from 6" to 8'tall today. I just clipped the top and have put it to root in a pot in the solarium. I live in Northern Ky along the river facing Indiana (West)in the middle of a wooded hill. What are my chances of growing a bay tree outside? Would I be able to plant the cutting from the first tree outside or wait till it is 2 years old or so. Thank you

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I think it might get too cold for it over winter where you live, and I wouldn't try to grow it outside there at all unless your winter nights do not go below 40 Fahr. It should be out til just before the first frost though.

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It should be protected from frost and cold draughts. Cold winds turn the leaves brown at the edges and then kill them but the roots of a mature bay are hardy. Feed and water sparingly during winter. Can be grown successfully in pots, and should be brought indoors if temperatures outside drop below 15°C.

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