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theherbalistJuly 3, 2010

I'm reading a lot of lively discussions on herbalism on this forum. Very good stuff here.

I'm a professional herbalist in Prescott, AZ and I am new to this site. Besides my private practice, I teach Herbal Nutrition & Science at the Prescott College in Prescott, AZ. Would enjoy contributing very much if there's something that people need help with.


Charles Benghauser

The Herbalist

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I have some questions in the herbal diuretic and wormwood threads for which your response would be appreciated.

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The quantity of accounts you have on this site is very interesting, I must say.

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Parasitology is lagging in the US right now; all the treatments are going to animals, and one basic treatment for parasites for humans is going out of production.

I would like to be educated in that area.

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Rather than give a specific treatment, individuals should be evaluated with a customized approach in view.


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I'm puzzled by the statement that "parasitology is lagging in the US right now", since parasitology is a well-developed subspecialty in infectious disease medicine. Accurate disgnostic tests exist and there are many drugs effective against both common and rare parasitic infections (with new ones on the way).

One problem related to alternative medicine is that unscrupulous and/or uninformed practitioners and supplement dealers make bogus claims of widespread parasite infections and sell ineffective and sometimes dangerous remedies and "cleanses" for them. One group of people so exploited are those who believe they suffer from "Morgellons disease". This ailment (whose symptoms are quite real) is falsely claimed to be due to unknown parasites, but is actually a treatable mental disorder. Unfortunately, some patients turn to risky veterinary parasite drugs in a vain attempt to treat themselves.

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How about we stick to the working cures like Diatomaceous Earth, Uncooked Rice, Garlic, and Ground Pumpkin Seed for parasites instead of filling people up with drugs, okay?

Parasitology isn't the only thing that's lagging in the field of medicine right now, it seems.

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It'd be sad to see people with genuine parasitic infections enduring misery in the mistaken belief that uncooked rice or pumpkin seeds will help them, when effective drugs are available.

Sumatra, is there a reason you've apparently rejected the idea of herbs as complementary medicine, in favor of unyielding hostility to all evidence-based mainstream practice?

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ignore the insults sumatra, the little duck who routinely insults strangers in this forum is not worth any of your time or energy.

have used all those suggestions with clients and personally, they totally work as part of a multi pronged protocol.

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Obviously there is no insult involved, but a question as to why Sumatra is hostile to mainstream medicine.

A question for you, Kali - after continually volleying insults at other posters and twice vowing to permanently leave GW (the last time proclaiming that the Herbalism forum is "nowhere near good enough" for you (see the 8/28 post in this thread), why do you keep coming back for more of the same?

And yet another question regarding those who take diatomaceous earth and other home remedies for parasites (and announce success) - how many have actually been diagnosed with parasites by reliable testing (as opposed to vague symptoms attributable to other problems)?
It's not difficult to be cured of something if you never had it in the first place.

Here is a link that might be useful: claims of parasitosis

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I have never rejected herbs. Then again, I will never relent to the ways of mainstream medicine either. What makes you think I've rejected herbs? So far I haven't seen you recommend a single herb for any ailment. Personally herbs are far more complicated than other remedies, even when not studying Chinese Medicine. Unfortunately their price is the prohibiting factor in my going deeper into that area, but I can still use many of them, along with being able to identify those in my home area.

I never pay attention to those insults, since I'm pretty confident in these cures. If I wasn't, I wouldn't even mention them. But thanks for the encouragement. :)

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I've posted on positive attributes of herbal medicines many times in the approximately 15 years I've been posting here. Since you haven't been around long enough to realize this, you might want to check past threads (there's a handy search function). Or just look at the recently revived "fungus nails" thread (I have a couple of posts in that one).

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But Eric . . . . you never post anything based on your own clinical experiences with herbs which would carry much more weight than merely . . . .


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Okay, so somehow a certain essential oil seems to have captured your liking for use on fungal infection. Still, there are at least 7 different plants that have been named tea trees which makes for a very vague and possibly dangerous concoction.
But the matter still stands that you insist on rejecting 90% of the remedies proposed on this forum.

LOL, you have a point there.

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So you've gone from suggesting that I never recommend any herbs or herbal products to claiming that I reject "90%" of them - again with nothing but your say-so, which has already proven to be flawed. Why not just look at matters on a case-by-case basis, and take issue with opinions rather than attacking the poster?

And yes, I prefer citing evidence-based sources, rather than asking people to believe semi-anonymous Internet anecdotes that can't be verified, or touting personal qualifications that again cannot be verified.

Most of us are wary of anyone who says "Trust me, I'm a doctor".

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I really don't want to look through 15 years of posts, just for statistical backing in arguments. It wouldn't be hard, considering there are only a measly 30 pages of threads on this section, but more of a waste of time. And if I really took them apart, it would likely become the longest post on this forum; a record I do not wish to break.

This said, I wouldn't believe a doctor anyway. I lean towards 'semi-anonymous Internet anecdotes' because the person likely has gone through the experience, making them a better source than a doctor who will be biased towards the field of medicine in which he practices.

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"I lean towards 'semi-anonymous Internet anecdotes' because the person likely has gone through the experience"

See, that's why looking back through the history of this forum would be valuable for you. You'd find an astonishing number of posts by people sharing their "experience", who turned out to be spammers for various products or services. It always puzzles me when someone claims to be skilled in recognizing "bias" in the world of science and pointing out conflicts of interest (real and imagined), but then expresses full confidence in whatever a stranger tells them online, as if those people couldn't possibly have ulterior motives.

"I wouldn't believe a doctor anyway."

That's your prerogative. Please recognize that many others do recognize the value of mainstream evidence-based medicine, and view the medicinal use of herbs as a complementary practice, not an antagonistic stand-alone philosophy.

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Actually, while I did join this forum for a certain post, the whole reason I searched out a forum on herbalism, is to learn from those experiences. So yes, I know looking through this section would be valuable, but I'm rather busy this time of year, and have only looked through a small portion of this section.
They're not all spammers. If you question a product, simply research it, find the ingredients, check their effectiveness, then decide if it is a viable combination, product, or service.

Sure, I can recognize the value of mainstream medicine, especially in certain emergencies, and also understand that some people try to find a balance combining mainstream and Alternative Remedies, but disagreements are bound to come up when people put down the majority of cures.

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