hot flashes and black cohosh

toad_ca(z7b Bellingham, WA)July 26, 2006

Well, not only are we having a phenomenal heat wave outside, I seem to be making my own little blast furnace inside. I don't want to go the HRT route and hot flashes is the only symptom I'm suffering from. My MD suggested I try black cohosh. Have any of you tried it? How long did it take before you got some relief?


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okay... I can't stand B.C... tastes horrible, but I haven't tried it in a capsule form. I have been doing the Wild Yam Cream...not to advertise, but by Before and After... I like that I can adjust the amount to my preference. Just enough to take care of the hot flashes and night sweats, not enough to turn me into an eating machine.

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ninjabut(USDA z 8,CA)

I've been using the over the counter Black Cohash(for regulating the period) and Vitex (for acne and dandruff)
All have been working well!

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Keep a foods diary. And pay particular attention after eating red meat and diary such as milk... These products may have BGH from being fed to cattle. Possible other meat products as well. I hate to be an alarmist but even the municiple water supply could be delivering synthetic pharmacuetical hormone tpye chemicals as well. I found being conscious of what I had eaten prior to a hot flash helped me tremendously.

If I eat beef, I know I'll experience hot flashes. The less meat I ate, the less fierce they became. Consequently I don't use red meats very often.

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I have taken Estroven and had terrible back pain (mainly in the hip area) once I stopped taking it the pain went away over the course of a week so I have not taken anything since. The night time hot flashes got so bad recently I decided to try black cohosh and after taking it for just a week I had the same pain, so bad I had to take pain killers to even move. I have stopped taking the black cohosh and after 4 days the pain is going away. Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

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I have been taking black cohash for about 8mo-1yr. Just the last mo. I have started having a pain on my left side.. hip. don;t know if that had anything to do w/ it. The cohosh has helped the flashes. I am wondering about the hormone cream someone else was talking about, and wondering
how long these stupid things last!!!

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In addition to watching the meat products the amount of soy products will also effect hormones.

Cold showers help, along with a fan that you can turn on so it does not blow on any companion.

I remember standing on my patio thanking the wind and snow for relief. Sorry news body changes can last up to 20 years. I still have some temperature swings after 10 years.

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I have symptoms (same as my mother) of early onset Menopause. At 35 years old I've already suffered the hot flashes and night sweats and irregular menstruation. I've had the symptoms come and go since I was about 30-31 years old.

A handful of years ago I suffered a false pregnancy and a Native American woman I knew told me about a combination of Soy Isoflavones and Black Cohosh (capsules) to help regulate my hormone levels. The combination brought my hormone levels back into balance within a matter of days, relieved and eliminated ALL of my pregnancy symptoms.

When I started having the menopause symptoms more frequently I tried them again on the theory that if they can regulate hormones from "pregnancy" back to normal then perhaps they would help with menopausal symptoms too. I have since discovered that adding St. John's Wart to the mix also helps with the irritability that goes with it all. I've taken these together for 3 years now. I noticed a change within a matter of 2-4 days when not taken consistently. When taken consistently I have noticed that they tend to reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes and night sweats (if not eliminate altogether for extended periods of time). They also tend to regulate the timing and duration of menstruation to a more consistent schedule as well as reduce cramping, fatigue, mood swings and irritability.

I'm sure like with all herbal remedies there may be mixed results for everyone. But I hope the information helps and if you do decide to try it.. I hope it works wonders for you like it did for me.


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Here's a remedy that has worked for me:
Magnesium supplements - one in the morning, one at night. One week later I'm COMPLETELY relieved from debilitating hot flushes and just have a few gentle warm moments now throughout the day. See what you think, but it only took a few days until it worked... fantastic for me, just hope it lasts as it's only been the last fortnight that I've been taking magnesium tablets. I have also experienced lots of cramping feet - particularly when I do yoga - for several years, and hoping that the Mg will help that too, which is what it is known to do.
I would love to hear if it works for other women.

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Hope other women try magnesium and post whether or not it works for them. Wouldn't it be great to find a simple remedy that works for lots of us?

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black cohosh and vitex can be appropriate but not always. vitex for example is contraindicated in women who are prone to depression since its reduces dopamine (feel good chemical) levels in the brain thereby exacerbating that depression. before you begin using herbs for hormonal conditions get yourself assessed by a knowledgeable herbal healer, to avoid pushing yourself further out of balance by using the wrong herbs. meanwhile maximize nutrition and drink marshmallow root tea, a pint to a quart, every day. hope this helps.

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I use Female Toner tea bags & steep 2 bags on low for 20-30 min then add 2 family size black tea bags to steep & make 1/2 gal tea w/honey and drink 1 glass per day. It took several weeks to see some improvement but now I only have 1-2 hot flashes per day instead of 10-14 and no night sweats and less emotional/irritability. Yay! I tried Black Cohosh and then BHRT for several months but had skin reactions so came off; no side effects from the tea... ( I think steeping longer makes it work better than just making a cup steeped a few minutes)

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