Are my mulberries drying out??

MohammadLawatiMarch 17, 2014

My mulberries are turning white rather than red... What is going on?
Are they drying or something? Does this mean they will fall? I had one fall a week ago which was green but soft.
What is happening?
Most of them are turning like this.
This is supposed to be black mulberry...
Here is a picture of the situation..

What can I do? It just had some citrus compost + cow manure + some nitrogen pellets + some phosphorus pellets + chicken manure from the coop...
Was that too much? It is growing wild now with more small fruits emerging after composting... Soo it might be another reason? It rained yesterday... plenty of water.

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Does not look like they are drying out. Shriveled flower remnants are typical. Whether or not they are turning white instead of black is another question, but if you are sure it is black mulberry, as in Morus nigra, they will certainly ripen to black. Green - white - red - black is a typical ripening pattern for many berries.

I will say that the shape of those mulberries looks more like some Morus alba variety than Morus nigra, the latter typically being short and plump, the former longer. If it is M. alba, there is a good chance it will ripen to white, which is not at all a bad thing!

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Thank you fabaceae_native!
I will be putting an eye on them to see how they develop.
I am pretty sure it is black because it is native to my country and brought by Persians many years ago...

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Is your soil moist enough?I've read that Mulberry fruit will fall early if too dry.
I planted a Pakistan variety last year and though it grew very well,all the fruit fell before ripening.Maybe because of being young? Brady

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Hi Bradybb,
I guess it needs more water when the fruit is developing. Today one had a hint of red but it fell so I gave it more water now so the other fruits stay and get ripe. Can't wait to taste these!

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To point out a crazy but commonly misunderstood classification of mulberries, there are three species of edible mulberries out of several: Morus alba, M. nigra and M. rubra. In Latin (or Greek?), roughly translated white, black and red respectively. Makes sense right? You have white, black and red colored fruiting mulberries. Unfortunately just to screw with you all three species have white, black (purple) and red fruit colored cultivars within them so that is not how you speciate them.

For the OP, I hope they change color but I really think it will turn out to be a white color fruit. Let us know how it works out as you will have some to try fairly soon. Hopefully you like the flavor and it is just an excuse to plant a second "black" colored variety nearby.

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