Miracle Grow on Orchard Trees

manoactionMarch 25, 2013

I planted some bare root saplings from Stark Bros last spring, and I'm anxious to make sure they start the year off right this year.

I have plenty of the standard 24-8-16 Miracle Grow around from using it on flowers and such around the house.

Is there any harm in mixing up a standard dose and applying 2.5 gallons of it to the base of the saplings every two weeks this spring and summer?

What about on my blackberries, raspberries, and hop bines?

I'm sure they make a more specialized version, but I just want to make sure there wasn't a great danger from using good old miracle grow.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


There won't be any issue just don't apply it after about July 4th. In your area winters can come on suddenly. You want the tree to stop growing a couple months before serious cold. Other than that MG will work as well as anything.

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M...that is quite a bit of nitrogen to be putting 2 1/2 gals around the base of saplings every two weeks. Do you have depleted/sandy soil? Miracle grow is fine...just about the same as other less expensive soluable fertilizers...but as you said "I have plenty".

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alan haigh

It's awfully nice to have some ballpark figure of what's in your soil already. Over time P. can build up in the soil and block the availability of other nutrients. N. is all the young trees are likely to respond to. Your county cooperative extension can help you get your soil analyzed. You really have to know your soils pH at least.

At any rate- two applications, one just as they show first signs of growth should be more than sufficient. More is not better as the N is only needed now for the first flush of growth.

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This is great info to have, thanks.

I know our soil is slightly higher than average on the ph, and it's composed of really dense clay. The only hitch is that when we dug the holes for the trees we replaced the soil with potting soil instead of repacking in that clay.

I only mentioned the once every two weeks because the box recommends that frequent of a use.

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