Herbs etc. for the heat?

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)July 11, 2005

Hi are there any herbs/foods that are used to combat the heat? I've been feeling pretty fatigued lately with the heat.... its been in the 90's. Aren't there herbs that sort of help with this? I've heard hot peppers are eaten to combat the heat? Any others?

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

The theory behind hot peppers is that they stimulate sweating and dilation of blood vessels which is how humans cool themselves.

I think cool drinks, lukewarm baths and central air work better.

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Drink plenty of cold water - no alcohol or caffiene.
Sit in front of a fan whenever possible.
Dress in loose clothing.
Do not exert yourself.

And visit friends with AC, or go to a n AC building or mall to hang out for a while.

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lundpix(Southern Cal)

We have two favorites at our house for hot weather. One is tea. From my perspective, it is a cooling herb. What I drink is whole leaf teas. My lung ching green is best brewed at lower temperatures to avoid bitterness, about 175 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are just want to be close, try boiling your water and turning off the kettle for around five minutes before using the water.

The other is an herbal tisane. Chrysanthemum flower tisane (fancy word for not a true tea) is a cooling herb. It supports the eyes as well. My Chinese friends add goji berries (aka wolfberries or Lycium barbarum) to the flowers. They also are thought to support eye health. But they are more of a heating element, so keep that in mind.

Richard, snake oil salesman

(No, Dr. Eric, I don't sell any of these products. At least not yet.)

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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

Iced cold mint tea does the trick for me.

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

Thanks for the suggestion lundpix.... we have a nice shop around here that carries alot of tea. I'll look. Mint tea is always doable..... have lots of it just brought in for drying. :) I know AC makes you cool and all. I was justcurious as per for example what were the Chinese "cooling" herbs. ? :)

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

In Chinese medicine, the various ills of the body are attributed to various defects including "heat". Various therapies have various attributes including "cool".

The solution to "heat" problems is to use "cool" therapy, but the terms do not refer to the actual temperature of the body, the therapy, the disease or the weather.

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

I think sometimes outside temperatures that affect the body do apply because Chinese person I once knew said drink ginger (warming) tea in winter to combat chilling effects of and effects of the cold. :)

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lundpix(Southern Cal)

To look at cooling herbs, remember that the Chinese look at food and herbs as one thing. The produce department has lots of cool green things. Most of these are considered cooling. "Cool as a cucumber" And the red peppers and chiles are heating, of course.
Traditional medical herbs to remove heat might be things like Scutellaria barbata and baicalensis. I have used formulas that contain bupleurum for "liver heat." That condition can manifest itself in unpleasant ways like depression and/or anger. The previously mentioned Chrysanthemum is a true antipyretic, in my book. The commonly used sugar to make it taste more palatable is actually heating. (Most carbs are heating, if not all.)

TCM really targets releasing things that are stuck, like heat or blood. But always keep in mind that the opposite condition is just at hand. So if you have heat one place, there may be cold driven deep inside. And it is necessary to deal with both, in a way.

Enough rambling


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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

Here's a link with advice on Ayurvedic cooling. Enjoy! Lynn

Here is a link that might be useful: Cooling summer drinks

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herbman(norflk england)

How about barley water? Boil some pot barley, let it cool add a little lime or lemon.

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not herbs but water kefir chilled in the refrigerator is ver nice and cooling.

still not herbs but a nice plant mister misted onto you face whn theres a light breve or a fan nearby works wonder, kinda like cleaner artificial sweat

could even try sitting under a low tree, in the hot weather plaants are photosynthesizing like crazy. respiration produces heat, photosynthesis is the mirrored reaction, it converst light and heat enertgy + water and CO2 into sugar.
as a resuly under trees and amongst plants is cooler as they also emit water vapour through the stommata, therefore they physical cool the area under them.

this is of course assuming its dry heat. if its storm humid heat i can't help you. cool baths and showers have been mentioned earlyer, but they work wonders. climb in and wait till ur external body temp has ajusted to that of the bath. when you get out you can even try just drying under armpits and enclosed spaces only, if you get my meaning. let the rest air dry, latent heat of evapoation will cool you more.

mints do feel cooling but they aren't unfortunately. in fact your body will react like its cold and you'll lose LESS heat thus getting hotter.

hope it passes. i don't like hot weather myself. eurgh, yukky sun lol

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