Apple tree blossoms getting pinched!

letsskiMarch 26, 2013

My Granny Smith tree is in full bloom. Came out this morning to find about 20 sets of blossoms, complete with leaves on the tree.

It looks like the whole branch tip was snipped, leaves and all.

I assume birds are doing this, but why? They're not eaten, just cut and left on the ground.

I'm in SF Bay Area - we have crows, scrub jays and little brown wrens.

Any ideas?

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

Somebody kick a ball into your yard?? Got squirrels?? Possoms? Las chupacabras?

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I have seen little birds do just what you discribe. Sat on the patio and watched them go right down the branch just picking off the blooms one at a time on my apricot. Get some Bird scare at HD or Lowes.
Note: Bird Scare size of masking tape roll but looks like Xmas tinsel. Cut 12 in streamers and tie them on- works great.

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