Dandelion root tincture

haunahroseJuly 12, 2012

I made my first tincture yesterday (woo!) and all went very well. I picked dandelions from my yard, which I know have not been sprayed with any sort of chemical. I washed the roots very well, cleaned the jar and lid, and topped it off with 80 proof vodka.

It is now day two of my tincture settling, and at the bottom of the jar there is a white substance. When I shake the jar enough, the white washes away little by little.

The root is completely covered by vodka, so I don't know whether I did something wrong, or if this is common for dandelion root.

I did some research about it, and it seems to have happened to other people's dandelion root tinctures, as well.

Any advice would help! thanks :)

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This is normal. Dandelion roots contain immune enhancing polysaccharides and inulin which are water soluble constituents that precipitate out in strong alcoholic tinctures. Just shake before use. When tincturing roots with these constituents it works best to use a lower % alcohol which you can make by simply diluting the vodka you have with water to get the % you want.

Herbalist Michael Moore's website www.swsbm.com is a great resource for medicine makers...includes among lots of other information, ideal water to alcohol ratios for many herbs. Check it out!

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That makes perfect sense :) Thank a lot for the info!

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