My Beaumont Macadamia is Blooming!

Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9bMarch 17, 2013

I doubt it will fruit.

Just purchased it in a 5 gallon and it was a pick-up from an Ebay seller.

I'm very excited and will transport it to our new property tomorrow and put it next to the dwarf rosemary that are blooming and attracting thousands of bees.


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yukkuri_kame(Sunset 19 / USDA 9)

Ooh....I don't even know what a macadamia tree looks like, never mind the flower. Though it is on my list to acquire.

Rosemary is such amazing bee forage. I've got two bushes as tall as me and just as wide, all bees all winter long.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

You should Google Macadamia! Wow! I live in zone 9a, and they do well in our area. Many people have them. The nuts are the hardest ever to crack, and squirrels and birds leave them alone.

The flower in bloom is a beautiful pink, and is like a long droopy single chain of buds/flowers that become a long droopy chain of nuts. They are ripe when they fall to the ground. I'll probably put a canvas or net under them to gather nuts.

I'm pretty sure if you can grow citrus in your zone, you can grow macadamia!!

And you are right about the bees and rosemary. If I wasn't such a chicken, I'd get some bee houses, but I am, so others can have the honey. I'll buy honey from them, and sell them my macadamias!! :-))


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yukkuri_kame(Sunset 19 / USDA 9)

OK - I'm sold. Yes, the mac should do fine here. We only get an occasional light frost, and I pay attention to creating microclimates for tender stuff.

I have wanted to keep bees for a long time, but not yet. Too much stuff to maintain as it is. I hear a good hive in socal will put out 100lbs of honey per year.

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