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kingwood(9)March 28, 2014

If I recall you are growing Royal Ranier in addition to other varieties. Which varieties do you feel are pollinating your royal Ranier? My royal ranier is full of blooms again, but my pollinator (lapins) still appears to be about a week behind. I have tried the low chill varieties but they don't make 3 months in my yard (canker). Gave up on them.

I have had the lapins at least 10 years and the royal Ranier at least 8. Still looking for a pollinator. About ready to give up. I have heard of people in South Louisiana that have been growing black tartarian for many years, but I don't know if it would work.

Would appreciate pollinator suggestions from the garden web folks.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The best pollen producer for me is Rainier. It blooms maybe a week ahead of Royal Rainier in my greenhouse. I have so many varieties I can't tell what is pollinating what. And our relative bloom dates might well be different.

The best bloomers in general are Rainier, Bing, Craig's Crimson, and Royal Rainier. I've had issues with many of the self fertile varieties: Sweetheart, Skeena, Selah, Benton, and others I can't recall right now. I have no idea if this means anything in your area.

Are you getting fruit on Lapins? Stella would be another possibility but I haven't grown it because the fruit in Amarillo was poor eating.

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The first year lapins flowered it produced a few fruit that the birds got. Not enough to cover in my opinion. Subsequent to that we went into our 3 year drought. The royal ranier started to flower and the lapins did nothing. The RR has been flowering every year now and the lapins just started back. I think the lapins has a higher chill requirement.

Also while researching on the net, I read an old Houston Chronicle article that stated my neighborhood was considered zone 8b. That might be why I can grow varieties that should not be successful here.

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