Captan + liquid concentrates

MichaelMarch 28, 2014

A KSU circular on home fruit tree spraying states under Fruit Pesticide Mixtures, ' do not apply a liquid concentrate within 2 weeks of a Captan app. because the oil (s) in the liquid' know the rest. Immunox obviously doesn't have the oils issue that other liquids do.

Furthermore, is stated it is ok to combine liquid formulations, ok to combine WPs but not WPs with liquids as the combination can cause fruit and foliage burn. Seems like an awfully broad statement about the WP/iiquids combo.. Seems to me, all of the homeowner insecticides are liquids, can't combine them with Captan? Don't those all - in - one sprays formulations have Captan + an insecticide?

Oh well, that's my 2 cents worth on an empty stomach:)

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