Moving raspberries

favorite_kitty(Zone 5)March 11, 2013

Hello everyone :)
I have a whole bunch of raspberry bushes right in front of my house that I stuck there when we first moved in. I would like to move them to their own litle spot but dont want to anger them enough where they wont give us fruit this summer. Is there anything I can do, or a time I should wait until, that would allow us to get fruit but be able to move them?

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I have transplanted raspberry clumps in the spring, right when they begin to leaf out, and the success rate is 100%. We have everbearing red raspberries, and the canes are cut down in the fall, so the clumps that get dug up and moved in the spring are maybe 8 inches tall, plus the roots. Everbearing raspberries will recover, grow several feet high, flower, and bear fruit the same year, in August and September. However, the summer bearing varieties might need a full year to recover, and bear fruit the 2nd year.

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