Are these Peach trees sustainable?

thewilldogMarch 29, 2013

Hello, I've got a pair of FloridaKing peach trees that have issues. Both trees are about three years old.

Tree #1 had an animal crawl up it last year and broke off one primary branches. Now all the tree's growth is on the right side. It's not leaning yet, but I fear what it's going to do in another 3-5 years.

Tree #2 has a crooked trunk as well. It's primary branches are intact, but I'm not sure what it's going to look like a few years.

Side note, I haven't gotten a darn peach off these trees yet. Last year all the green peaches got worms and fell off. This year a late freeze killed all the tiny peach buds. I was at the home improvement store today and saw some young peach trees with nice straight trunks for less than $20. I'm seriously considering chopping these down and starting over. Is that a reasonable decision?

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Tree #2

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Will Dog,

Unless you are very concerned about aesthetics, I wouldn't even consider chopping these trees down.

The first one looks like it has some nice lateral shoots you could turn into scaffolds.

The second one has a "Y" that I'm not that big a fan of, but you could still cut some of that vertical growth off, to get the tree to spread out a little more (unless you want tall trees, in which case you'd prune off one of the "Y" branches).

Crooked trunks don't mean anything when it comes to peach trees. I've got trunks leaning every which direction and all kinds of crooks, but I just train the tree accordingly from the branches that grow out.

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"Worms" getting your peaches is probably because you didn't spray... not a defect caused by the peach tree itself.

Next - if you are really worried about the form your tree is growing - prune it back to a more "Normal" shape over the next few years...


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You're correct, I've never sprayed. Didn't get a chance this year since all the baby peach buds froze and died.

I'm not that worried about aesthetics, just whether or not they'll avoid falling over due to their own weight.

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That's more a factor of pruning and thinning out fruit.... Most fruit trees will set several times more fruit than they could ever safely bear.... You will need to heavily thin the small fruit off of the trees so they don't bend over and break...


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