What to do with my bare-root strawberries until planting?

emorems0(PA - 6a)March 22, 2014

I got 25 new bare-root strawberries delivered on Wednesday but my planter wasn't quite finished so I put them in my cool (probably refrigerator temp) garage. Finished the planters Thursday and then we got more snow and frigid temps... I planned on planting them out today (Saturday) but woke up with a stomach flu. I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow and be able to get them planted out but I'm wondering how long they will be okay in my garage before they become a wasted investment... is it already too late? Should I do something else with them in the meantime? I imagine if they were sitting at a nursery or a big box store they would be stored quite similar to the conditions in my garage, but I wanted to make sure there isn't something else I could be doing to give them a better chance.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

If roots being kept from drying out then main problem might be lack of light - put them near a window if you can, but not close enough for them to freeze.

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emorems0(PA - 6a)

And... I just checked the weather, looks like we're expecting a wintery mix again tomorrow and a return to freezing temps until next Thursday. Should I hold off on planting the strawberries until Thursday? I know strawberries can overwinter here without a problem, but I can't imagine it would be a very good start to bare root plants. Is there any special way I should be storing these?

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home_grower(SoCal Z9 S18)

The ones I got said to keep them in the fridge if you can't plant them right away. I did just that for about a week while I built my hydroponic system. They all had good roots but were brown leaves by the time I got them going.

So far 10 of the 48 are growing great. I haven't had time to look in the last few days to see if more have woken up.

Good luck.

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