Tincture bottles

sunnyautumnJuly 23, 2006

Hi all! First time posting here... I did do a quick search though, so sorry if I missed the answer to my question! :)

I'm preparing to make a tincture, gathering all the necessary items, etc... Why is it said that the tincture must be in a dark amber bottle?

I do have a couple dark amber screwcap bottles, but I also have some other bottles that I like better. One's blue, the other is green, and both have a metal latch with a rubber stopper/gasket... like this beer bottle here: http://www.cellar-homebrew.com/store/catalog/16-oz-Flip-Top-Bottles-Grolsch-style-Case-of-12-p-94.html Would those work?

Also, I'm pretty sure the answer is no... but can bottles with corks be used? Or are those only used for syrups?

Thanks! :)

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Hi SunnyAutumn,
Tinctures are usually stored in dark bottles because light causes degradation to the product. Amber happens to be fairly effective at reducing light on the product. That's why most better beers are in amber bottles. (or cardboard containers housing the 6-pack) Light on beer equals skunk taste. However, if amber bottles are in bright light for a period of time (sunlight or store fluorescents) it can still get skunky. Some cobalt blue and some dark green glass bottles work to reduce sunlight as well. Or, you store tinctures in a dark cupboard. Corks could be used, but you run the risk of evaporation. The cork would need to fit very snugly. Good luck in your tincture-making adventures. It is a lot of fun!

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Thanks HerbalBetty! I suppose I can use my blue and green bottles then, since they'll be kept in a dark corner of the kitchen where the sun doesn't get to. Yay! If I decide to use my corked bottles, though, I think I'll have to get some new corks for them since the ones in them are kind of old. :)

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Yes, and you don't know what those corks are impregnated with, either! ALWAYS use new corks!

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