Dog cysts

sheryl77July 25, 2009

My two Yorkies both have cysts. The vet isn't concerned to remove them. They are the type that can be moved about under the skin.

Does anyone know of a home remedy to encourage them to discharge?


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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Dogs are very different animals then humans, herbs that are not harmful to humans may be highly fatal to canines. Seek out a canine health forum and ask there, the answer may be as simple as popping them with a needle and sucking out fluid/semisolid, or applying a heatpad for 15 minutes 3X a day.

Good luck

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If the vet isn't concerned about them and they aren't bothering the dogs, I'd leave them alone.

Dogs get a common type of cyst (so-called sebaceous cysts) just like humans do. They can remain the same size, disappear or enlarge. Sometimes they rupture and form a hard lump which might lead one to suspect a tumor, or uncommonly infection can result and need to be treated. I would not try any type of home therapy (sticking a needle in them could cause an infection, and anyway even if drained they're likely to recur). They can be surgically removed if they get to be a problem. Sebaceous cysts are caused by an ingrowth of benign epithelium under the skin surface, with dilation as the cyst grows and dead skin cell matter builds up in it.

Another possibility with smallish movable lumps under the skin in dogs is lipomas (benign fatty growths).

Neither of these problems is amenable to drug treatment, herbal or otherwise.

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Thanks for the advice. Guess I'll leave them alone.


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