silversword(9A)August 30, 2010

I have tons of it... now what?? Any suggestions? :)

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Lots and lots of spaghetti sauce.

And don't spare the basil.

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Asked plenty of times in the Herbs forum. Search through backposts for oodles of different threads on oregano. Here's one asking the same question as you....


Here is a link that might be useful: Herbs - what to do with oregano

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Thanks Fata. I was mostly wondering if anyone had any herbal ideas/remedies for it rather than cooking with it or drying it.

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Ah. That wasn't clear from your message. You may still wish to check the Herbs forum backposts or ask there as well. Posts about any herbs or herb use is fair game there. Even though most of the questions people post are about culinary herbs, medicinal herbs are welcome as well. It is also at the moment a much livelier forum than this one so you may get more responses.

Other than that, try pfaf.org.


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