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anilegna26August 21, 2007

K, I read the posts from Joshua's earlier message, but I need some more information from thurstjo and sarahk if at all possible. My daughter already has hearing loss that may be permanent, and I'd like to prevent it from worsening, but would prefer to do it naturally, of course. If the doctors would have listened to me in the first place it wouldn't have gotten to this point.! =( I KNEW that she had some hearing loss, but they told me she was fine. Now, all of a sudden she needs immediate surgery? I'd like to leave her adenoids intact, thanks. Problem is that I'm not sure where to begin my search for alternative measures, you know? Adenoids are not exactly in my field of expertise. Any and all specific alternative-to-surgery-information would be appreciated. (That means that I've already read everything I've ever wanted to, and much more, about the surgery option, so please don't waste your time, or mine, trying to convince me that I should take my daughter's body parts out,if I can find a way not to, okay? Thanks!)

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One point made in the previous thread is that untreated infections/inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids can lead to hearing loss. More on this problem.

While none of us can know all the facts about your daughter's case, it sounds as if her physicians are concerned that prolonged adenoidal swelling has already caused some hearing loss that will only worsen if the problem is left untreated.

You've read the previous discussion in this forum, so you know there are no "alternative measures" with documented effectiveness in this condition.

Sure, you'll find strangers on the Internet willing to assure you that special diets, homeopathic "cures" or chiropractic adjustments will fix your daughter right up and leave her adenoids "intact". And you can begin your search, trying cure after cure and hoping something makes your daughter better.

Or you can, as soon as possible, seek a second opinion from a good pediatric ENT specialist and take their advice, even if it means going against your principles about removing "body parts".

I know this isn't what you wanted to hear. But this is one of the situations I find most alarming and discouraging when it comes to alternative medicine. Adults, at least to some extent, should be free to choose to risk their health and finances on doubtful and quack alt med treatments. Kids don't have a choice - they depend on us to be responsible parents and do what's right for them.

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Thank you, eric oh, for your concern, but it is misplaced.

I previously stated that "IF I can find a way not to" then I won't need to put her under the knife...can you recognize the emphasis? I am amazed that you can find it so "alarming and discouraging" that I'm simply LOOKING for alternatives.

I would also like to point out that it was NOT the physician who was concerned, it was always ME from the beginning- they told me she was just fine, and now they're saying that they're sorry. BECAUSE THEY WERE WRONG! My daughter lost quite a bit of her hearing because DOCTORS weren't paying attention, and refused to respect a mother's judgment.
Am I to understand that you're implying that I"M the irresponsible one? That's quite rude, and VERY assumptive.

In final parting, I would also like to mention that the physician IS an ENT and that he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and a steroid, both of which he stated would "most likely not do a thing, except temporarily, but why don't you try them anyway and come back in a month. We'll see where things are at then."
So you see, eric oh, even THE GOOD DOCTOR HIMSELF recommended trying something (BEFORE surgery) that has little (proven) chance of truly helping, so I AM taking his advice! Yes, it's true, I'm going to use the month to try some natural "cures" (LOL) instead of the drugs, and that I trust more in nature (and my own intuition) than in man, but I WILL still go back in a month and "see where things are at then". (May I remind you that the doctor doesn't even believe in these particular drugs, for this particular situation, so no need to have a fit, my dear.)

"Responsible" enough for you, eric oh?

(Might I suggest that you learn to ask some questions, instead of assuming everyone is silly and irresponsible...questions are great for keeping your foot out of your mouth. =)=)=)

Have a great day! =)=)=)

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First remember that all the symptoms are just indications of the underlying problem so go to see a good nutritional therapist ( who specialises in children. I live in the UK and I assume that you live in the US so I don't have anyone that I can recommend but if you contact me directly I can ask the nutritionist who treated my daughter. You will need to fill out a detailed history about your child including what they eat, the environment they play and live in, vacciness, etc. Anything that could be stressing the immune system of your child. He or she will probably want to run some tests depending upon what you tell them. While finding a good nutrional therapist, I would recommend following the diet recommended by naturalist doctors which is what the call the mucusless diet. Meaning you eliminate dairy products including goat's milk and yoghurt, eggs, grains especially gluten-rich ones like wheat, oats, rye and barley, sugar, potatoes and other starchy vegetables. Replace them with fresh fruit and juices (i.e. You make fresh fruit and vegetable juices for your child as well as having them eat fresh fruit and vegetables. The veggies can also be lightly steamed). If you need help in formulating a feeding program for your child, get Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret.

Also do searches on the ingredients of the products your child comes into contact. If you come up with any connected with serious health issues, get rid of the product. What you will be looking for in my opinion is things that stress the immune system. Could be toxins, the drugs, could be poor quality food, or cheap lotions, if she has had antibiotics in her first two years (the situation with my daughter), than look for leaky gut and also of equal importance if she has had antibiotics at all, a sufficient quantity of good bacteria (lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium bifidum) in her gut. Without these she could possibly have a yeast infection, or something worse. The antibiotics would not eliminate it, it would make it worse as it kills all bacteria but the most virulent strains are left to wreck havoc. If you want to contact me directly, my email is on my page.

Good luck

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I see anilegna's story has changed.

First the "doctors" wanted to put her daughter "under the knife" immediately, to prevent further hearing loss.

Now we're told it's a single ENT who wants to try a course of antibiotics and steroids for temporary relief of symptoms, with reconsideration of the next step in a month's time. (Could it be that the doctor is prescribing a short-term measure he knows won't permanently solve the problem because of your refusal to consider surgery?)

Instead of following this professional advice, you're saying you'd still rather follow unproven remedies suggested by unknown people on the Internet.

Physicians don't always make the correct diagnosis right away, and I can understand your being angry if this happened in your daughter's case. However, your child's welfare is still the most important thing at this point.

I hope for her sake you recognize the harm that can ensue by trusting to your intuition rather than professional care.

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