Rabbit Tobacco

Mentha(9 CA)August 23, 2004

Can anyone tell me a bit about rabbit tobacco? No, not lavender. (sorry Peter Rabbit) It is used as a tea for respiration problems, colds, etc. I assume it can also be smoked. Where can I find it in California? Where can I get the plant itself?

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you aren't talking about mullein are you? It can be smoked for asthma and I used it frequently in a tea for decongestion.

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Here's a link further describing Rabbit Tobacco. Personally I don't know if I'd smoke anything, but if you try it let us know how it did.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rabbit Tobacco Gnaphalium Obtusifolium

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Mentha(9 CA)

:S I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to smoke anything. I had an herbalist friend, who's husband taught at UT when we lived in Tennessee. She would give out rabbit tobacco tea for all respatory problems. It was in tea bags, so I assume that she bought it somewhere. Unfortunatly they moved to New York and we lost touch with them.

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Rabbit tobacco, huh? All natural? Alternative to "cigarettes"? No nicotine? Sounds good!!!!

I live in the northern half of Georgia....I have access to some land for growing ("bottom land")....

I smoke cigarettes, and the price is high on two fronts (the cost [over $20 a carton] plus the foreseeable medical costs)....I want to substitute rabbit tobacco in place of cigarettes....

Smoke in a pipe? Are there any commercially available rolling machines for individuals?

Most importantly, is it 100% safe?


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becca318(z6 NJ)

$20.00 a carton?...man tha'd be cheap. Here in NJ they are like $60.00 a carton, $6.00 a pack. Where does this rabbit tobacco grow? I'm up for tryin it.


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i also live in northern Ga and smoke rabbit tobacco.So far ive noticed no side effects.Its nicotine free, tastes good and is good for the throat.I reccomend giving it a try

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I have a big buch drying (rabbit tobacco) .
The flowers are really nice...Anything I can do with them??I also smoke a mixture that an American Indian friend of mine brought me years ago for upper respatory. I also have asthma. It is dried mullien and sunflower leaves... taste a little like Rabbit Tobacco ~~ Not bad at all..AND WORKS !
Tink 62

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i am from ky. my people are cherokee indian when i was a
kid my cherokee grand mother would get it and dry it out we
would smoke and make tea out of it, better than tobacco no nicotine in it. the name of it is pearly everlasting gnaphilum. my people called it life everlasting it grew wild in the mountains i would recommend it

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if you want rabbit tobacco just email me @ sjohnsontax@yahoo.com and i can send you all you want. jjjohnson

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Incase anyone is interested in finding seeds for Rabbit Tobacco here is a link I found when I googled.


Happy Days and Sweet Smokes

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Does anyone know where to purchase this in tobacco online or in NYC?

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I was raised in the mountains of eastern tennessee,rabbit tobacco grew wild,better than tobacco and a whole lot cheaper

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I am dragging out this post!
I heard about this herb from a friend who was at an herbal conference where they featured this.
I was so stoked to hear about it, cuz I had already been enamored with it after discovering it up in the mountains of northern calif where my husband hunts.
I would always pick it when I found it cuz I loved the fragrance. Now I find out it's medicinal!
I've looked it up and now know how to use it, and that I need to gather it and dry it and keep it.
I especially thought of the original poster, Mentha, who is also in Calif. If you're still looking for the plant, email me at jeanshop at suddenlink dot net and I'll clue you in as to where I find it.
I also asked at all the local herb shops, and no one had even heard of it.

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