Change a life for 50 cents

cacye(Denver,CO)August 12, 2010

You can read the article, or see the video. The article is at

or the video is at

This is how we can help get rid of tropical worm diseases. The longer video, which you can find online of Peter J. Hotez speaking on the subject, can be tedious. But the point is, for 50 cents you can buy one year's worth of medication for one person. China already did this for one worm disease. Steven Hawking's father researched the fact that interrupting the cycle of these worms can eradicate them from an area. The idea has been tested and works. In Ethiopia when they did this they found the child mortality dropped by half. Look at this, and spread the word. Many people in the world are poor because they are always sick. They don't have to be.

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It's a praiseworthy goal.

It looks like they're talking about using generic versions of mainstream pharmaceuticals and continuing to develop a hookworm vaccine.

There are people who denounce efforts like this to eradicate killer diseases in the Third World, arguing that it's all a plot by Big Pharma to make money by pushing out traditional (i.e. herbal) medical care. I'm glad to see that you don't buy into such conspiracy theory nonsense.

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I've been to Haiti. I've seen what these diseases do to people first hand. Merck has offered the ivermectin form in the drug mix for FREE so that this is cheap for everyone. Please people, this is a huge problem in most of the rest of the world. Hundreds of millions suffer from it. When they did this treatment in Ethiopia the child mortality rate was cut in HALF.

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