Chronic Sinusitis

raydun(z5 NH)August 12, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I've apparently been suffering from sinusitis for several years now, and lately it has definitely shown all the wonderful symptoms of being the chronic variety.

Three days ago I started drinking tea made from Ground Ivy (Glechoma hereacea) and it has done a marvelous job of relieving the pain and getting the buildup of mucous to flow, and I no longer feel like I need to have any of my teeth fixed.

My questions are on the subject of actually killing the infection. My reading suggests that I use Selfheal (Prunella vulgaris) so I started adding it to my Ivy tea yesterday. Have I chosen the correct herb? Is there a better choice growing in the wilds of New Hampshire?

Thank you,


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Ray, not always, but often, chronic sinusitis can have a fungal component to it. What does your health care provider suggest? You might find some relief from a saline solution in a neti pot. You could also add some anti-fungal herbs to the solution as well. Strain very well so you don't add foreign material up your nasal passage and sinuses. And, do not use essential oils for this. Direct contact with mucous membranes can have a very burning effect. But, until you know whether this is bacterial or fungal, you are just guessing. Applying some St. John's wort oil topically on the skin over the sinuses can help with some of the pain as well. But, don't let a lessened sense of pain make you think an infection is gone. The infection needs to be addressed.

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raydun(z5 NH)

Thank you for the response Betty. I am aware that I need to address the infection, I mentioned that as the reason for my first posting. My research, which has been lengthy, tells me that I have non-fungal infection and I intend to treat the infection herbally. There exists an herbal cure for every human affliction and I intend to find the one that I need.

I've stopped using a tea made from Ground Ivy and Selfheal, I eliminated the Ivy and instead eat raw leaves from the Common Yarrow, and raw leaves and flowers from Selfheal. When eating just the Yarrow leaves I get immediate and immense relief from the worst symptoms of sinusitis. Eating both the Yarrow and Selfheal leaves me feeling young and energetic, but with a lot of mucous discharge. I found some Burdock and intend to harvest that this morning and add that to my regimen, using the root for "tea", as per the methods provided prior to the publishing of the USP, a document which, to me, seems to be intentionally misleading. I have read that both Selfheal and Burdock should kill the infection but that it may be a legthy procedure for it to be totally effective.

The last time a had a major bought with this problem was about five years ago, and at the time I knew nothing of herbs and their healing qualities. I visited my "health care provider" at the hospital's emergency room, and he sent me off to my "dental care provider". The net result of that venture? About $900 and two teeth. And there was actually nothing wrong with the teeth. No Comrade Betty, I'm not going to visit them again, and I'm not going to buy one of your Neti Pots, but thanks for the "advice". Neither Pliny nor E.G. Jones had use for a Neti Pot.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I find a neti pot helpful for my nasal allergies but to each their own.

As far as burdock root, I find this far more pleasurable than tea.....sweet vinegar gobo. Like Hippocrates, I think your food can be your medicine. Enjoy!


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