sevin dust on catnip

amykaywatAugust 31, 2006

I dusted my garden with sevin dust this past Monday and today harvested my catnip from the garden. The sevin dust wasn't put directly on the catnip, but of course it's dust, which flies, and I did apply it to the ground beneath the plants.

Anybody know what I can do to ensure the catnip will be safe for my cats? I've rinsed it off, but I'm still nervous.

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you could wash it with soapy water. You know, there ARE organic solutions to pests that you can eat. I don't use inorganic pesticides and am just fine.

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I considered soapy water but didn't know if soap will actually bond with sevin dust.

I tried organic gardening for the first several months but eventually decided it isn't for me. This was actually my first application, which is why I'm nervous about it.

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Well, with sevin, you will kill the good bugs with the bad and eventually will have yourself a BIG bug problem... believe it or not, there's a balance and without predators, the bad bugs take over.
I DID make my own pesticide out of soapy water, mouthwash and olive oil... killed a spidermite infestation on a tropical plant dead. But that's the only bug problem I've had in several years.
Usually, when you take the easy way out, in the end you pay.... as with a bigger infestation and then more pesticides.... but I am probably preaching to someone who knows.... I just can't help myself. :o)

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