Gooseberries, heat, and shade

alh_in_flMarch 11, 2013

OK, so I know gooseberries don't like heat and that it is insane to try growing them in Florida.

Nonetheless, my son wanted to try, so a year ago spring we got three Captivator gooseberry plants. This variety was rated for the hottest areas (up to zone 9) so I figured it would have a better chance than any other type. My son put them in his raised bed garden box in a very sunny area. It gets sun most of the day except in the late afternoon. The gooseberries are all still alive and are putting out new growth for the spring. But they've never looked especially happy. (and no blooms or fruit last year, which doesn't surprise me).

I was thinking maybe I ought to move them to a shadier spot in the ground instead of in a sunny raised bed, so both the air and the soil would be cooler. The tradeoff would of course be that they would get less sun. Again, I am well aware that this is a long shot but I'm just trying to better the odds of success.
So, what about transplanting to a shady site? Any other suggestions?

Ann in North Florida

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I'd certainly put 'em in a spot that gets at least afternoon shade.
I killed several 'dessert-quality' gooseberries, in full sun here in southern KY - I'm surprised that yours did as well as you indicated.
If Captivator works for you, good. Couple others that are known to work in hotter-than-usual sites are Pixwell(pretty low quality - but it at least survives and fruits) and Glenndale.

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