Question re fungus on skin

esoterica(7)August 3, 2006

I apologize that I don't post more often but when I have a question I always think of this group for great information.

I have developed an itchy patch that is probably fungal in nature. I am using tea tree oil full strength and alternating with C. Silver solution/ mixed with spring water/ lavender eo spray.

It's beginning to dry and form a crust and my question is then;

Should I scrub this area with soap and water to remove the forming crust or continue using my topicals without disturbing the crust?

Yeah, it sounds icky but this is what can happen when visiting long term health care facilities and happen to come in contact with infected areas or persons. Sad...

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You may have psoriasis, but it could be something else, and a diagnosis by a dermatologist is needed to be sure (you wouldn't want to make it worse with home doctoring, would you?).

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i would gently scrape off the crust and keep applying the remedies. you might want to dilute the tea tree a little with a carrier oil like almond or olive oil.

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I know what this is..... it's a fungus. Once you've seen a fungus and know it's symptoms it becomes a matter of what works best to remedy it. I wasn't asking for advice from a doctor here, I was asking herbalists for a practical remedy.

I should have searched the archives, and I apologize for this but If I ask a question to this group, it's because I have No intentions of seeing a doctor.

If I want to see a doctor, I'll see a doctor.

If someone here asks a question and I'm familar with the symptoms, I'll offer alternative treatment advice. And if I think it will be helpful, I will offer that they visit an alternative practioner.

The only way I could be seen by a doctor will be if I am in an accident, and taken to an emergency room or in the event I need to be sutured. That is because ole time doctors are history. A thing of the past. They no longer exist.

Everyone knows in advance of posting here that they can go see a doctor.

I realize you aren't aware of this but I've seen what messes a person can get into when seeing a doctor. Doctors are puppets of the big pharma industry as most here know. No longer can we depend on a cure from a doctor. They can't even use the word anymore. They can treat. That treatment often leads to a myriad of other maladies real or trumped up.

Alls I'm sayin is this... and don't take this to personally...

Thanks but No thanks.

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that's too bad you are so closed minded... I think that the two, Western and herbal medicine should work together... complimentary like. And since I believe this, I work to find a doctor who is knowledgeable in both.

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well said esoterica! and heathen show me a doctor of western medicine who works with other complementary healing methods. they don't exist.

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mine does... my clinic offers massage and acupuncture too as alternative therapies... my last doc even knew some herbal remedies... but I am in California... freaky california, you know... granola types. But, I guess yer right... better to be fanatical about it... shut out all western medicine... sounds much more intelligent.

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esoterica, please stop stalking me. If you don't like my opinions fine, don't STALK ME. stop emailing me please. I didn't ask you to.... I will report you to GW if you continue.

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I have all your emails that you initiated to me first.

I've replied to your emails to me only.

It's become quite amusing really.

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Esoterica, check how you posted your first question and the content of Heathen's apparent e-mail to you. Unless you select otherwise, copies of all replies are sent to you by GW via e-mail. If Heathen's e-mail to you are identical to those posted as replies on GW, she didn't send them to you, they were merely copies.


I agree, BTW, with lucy. Crusty, non healing sores on skin can be psorisis, skin cancer or many other conditions besides fungus. If you won't see a conventional doctor you really should see an alternative doctor like a naturapath for diagnosis before self treating.

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Thank You Judy....

My son who is severely disabled contracted icke on his head where he's living now. I took him to the doctor and he gave him a shampoo to treat fungus. Matter of fact his head was filthy. I had to shampoo his hair before taking him to the appointments. Days later I developed a patch I've described. It became crusty as a result of scrubbing it with antifungal I have.

I don't think it's cancer or psorises because it quickly began to spead. That's why I posted here. I wanted to know how to treat ring worm, fungus both externally and internally.

I appreciate Lucy's concern but this information didn't address my question. Then heathen1 began sending me ugly emails.. My Goddess! All for simply asking a question?

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The skin problem esoterica describes could come from an allergic reaction to shampoo or antifungal medication. Or from an infection. Or from some other cause.

It makes sense to get an accurate diagnosis from a physician before pursuing remedies.

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