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leonessa(Z5 ME)August 19, 2004

I have just harvested a 2 year old valerian root. I dried the fiberous roots seperate from the riozome due to conflicting information from my books. I dried it in a warm oven (120 F) all day yesterday. My question is how do I store it, and how do I use it? Thanks...


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Dig up roots in the autumn of the second year of growth. It has a pungent scent which increases as it dries. Store in an airtight container for at least 1 year before becoming safe to use, and is best after 4 years.

30g root per 600ml water as infusion (tea). Take up to 3 cups per day.

The root added to a bath will relieve tension, and as a decoction it can be used as a facial wash for acne or skin rashes. A decoction of the root is reputed to enhance psychic ability when taken internally.

Warning: Unpleasant side-effects (headaches, muscular spasms, and palpitations) can occur with long-term use or with excessive doses. In extreme cases, it has been known to cause coma or even death. Poisoning may result if large amount of the tea are taken for more than 2 to 3 weeks. Do not boil the root. Consuming large amounts of valerian may cause headache, giddiness, blurred vision, restlessness, nausea. Seek expert advice before using, and use ONLY under expert supervision.

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Only use valerian root internally in an emergency when you cannot sleep. If you use it regularly, it will completely lose its effectiveness. This is true for any relaxant herb just as it is for sleeping pills. People who get introduced to the taste of valerian tend to enjoy it like candy. I am one of those. I had to stop taking any form of valerian for several years before it again became effective. I intend to keep it that way by taking it once a month at the most when I really can't sleep any other way.

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