'Champagne' loquat starting to flavor up

MrClintMarch 16, 2014

My 'Champagne' loquat is starting to flavor up. Still a small and precocious tree. I do thin the clusters, removing the smaller or not well formed fruits. The first fruit I tried this season was super tart, but there is much more acid/sweet balance now. Here's a small branch with a cluster that is ripening up:

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Last year as I was tasting loquats on trees around town (probably all seedling ornamentals) to see if any were worth propagating for fruit I noticed that on at least some trees fruit that was fully yellow sometimes was just so-so but when revisited a week or two later and with a faint hint of orange in their color were much sweeter and more flavorful.

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Yeah, I do tend to sample things on the early side. Guess that's why I like many of the sub-acid stone fruits. :)

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I know these were plenty ripe as the seeds had started to split a little. I am very pleased with the Champagne loquat's citrus flavor tones:

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