Is my red rhubarb dead?

keepitlow(6)March 28, 2012

Rhubarb is treated like a fruit so I put it here.

I have 1 green rhubarb and 3 red rhubarb. The green sprouted and is about 1-1/4 feet tall. Nothing at all with the reds. I wonder if they died off? Or is red a lot slower to come back than green?


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I have grown rhubard (a few varieities) for ~10 years up here. FWIW, rhubarb is very hard to kill.

What I have seen this spring is that there is a wide variation between when individual plants are coming up. Most of this variation is explained by the location; plants which were under deep snow last winter have been slower to sprout than others. But even in the same bed, some plants have taken a few weeks longer to come up than others.

If you are really curious and can't wait, you could carefully brush away the soil/mulch over one or two of the plants in question and see if there are any buds making their way up. (Carefully is key here, rhubarb buds are fairly easily knocked off)

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