chamomille tea

ladieg(in/6 us)August 30, 2004

I buy a peach tea with chamomille in it for relaxation and seems to help me sleep. Does anyone else use it for that purpose. I have found I don't care for the taste of just plain chamomille, but with peach it is very good. Ladieg

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yes, chamomile is used exactly for that purpose, but those with liver problems shouldn't drink it, apparently, it is hard on the liver. I think it is the main component of "Sleepytime Tea"

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Chamomile is generally considered a very safe herb, but even 'safe herbs' are not good to take to excess or too frequently without the advice of a medical or herbal professional practioner. They are drugs, you know! And effects may be accumulative. Why not consider sprinkling some lavender oil on your pillow - it will relax and help you sleep and you don't swallow it.

Further warnings about chamomile:
Sufferers of allergies to daisies, ragweed asters or chrysanthemums should avoid using chamomile. In cases of fragile pregnancy, chamomile should be avoided as it will promote a delayed menses. It may cause stomach upsets in some people.

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ladieg(in/6 us)

Thanks for your responses, but I only have one cup a day in the afternoon. I drink green tea in the morning, 1-2 cups.

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Careful. Chamomile like any other relaxant, herbal or pharmaceutical, loses its effect with continual use. I have been drinking chamomile tea all my life, and it has absolutely no effect on me. If you want to keep chamomile effective as a relaxant, confine your use to the occasional emergency.

I would also like to point out that some North American herb companies mix relaxant herbs with stimulating herbs, e.g. chamomile with mint. Maybe some people like the flavor combination, but why anyone would want to take a relaxant at the same time as a stimulant is beyond my understanding.

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rosebush(z7 NC)

Very informative thread! Now I understand why it upsets my stomach. . .

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We've been growing our own chamomile for tea but my tea comes out really bitter, to the point that you have to spit it out. It also has a weird after taste. I'm drying the chamomile after harvest (picked as soon as flower opens, no stem or leaves), until completely dried...bone dry. Whats the deal? Could it be the variety? The steep time? Think its german but not sure.

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