Do tansy flowers smell like honey?

stinkypink(6)August 14, 2004

Hoping someone can help. I'm accidentally growing something that looks very much like tansy--tanacteum vulgare. I've read a bit about how its leaves have been used to repel pests and such, but I can't find anything that describes the scent of the flowers. If this is indeed what I have, the flowers smell strongly of honey. Can anyone confirm or deny this to help me make my plant ID?

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Thunder_17(z6 PA)

The flowers on my tansy plant have just opened this past week and have hardly any scent at all. The smell is similar to ox-eye daisies (C. leucanthemum). Anyone else?

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arttulip(New Zealand)

I have dry tansy flowers and the smell is more close to the camphor smell not honey.

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To me, tansy flowers smell like fly spray!

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raptorrunner(Z4/5 NE Nebr.)

the whole plant smells like the foliage, rather acrid. i never noticed the flowers smelling any different than the plant

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