Geographic Tongue III

Mike75August 16, 2005

Let's continue the discussion on this very interesting subject :)

I've had GT for 2 years now. It has improved slightly.

In the beginning I tried some stuff, like hydrogen peroxide ,B-vitamin,zinc, you name it... no help whatsoever..

I am listing below things that make it worse and better in my case.

Anyway, the first two of the several below are similar experience as 'nvanwijk' wrote earlier in GTII thread.

- Holiday and being in the sun => makes it better and may almost disappear. may be related to it being a skin disease, mental relaxation or both.

- Wine, beer, or actually any alcohol (maybe with cigarettes, no I am not kidding), TWO or several days in a row => makes it USUALLY better. may be related to them being poisoneous substances or the mental relaxation

- Physical excercise => makes it WORSE, almost always.

- mental stress => may make it worse,not always

- illness of some other kind (like flu) => makes it worse, most of the cases

Here are my experiences! Due to above, I have quite unhealthy life habits now ;) Of course I am also open to more suggestions how to get rid of it ,in a more healthy way ;)


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LOUvox50(7 / TN)

My GT lessened greatly when I started leaving my tooth brush in a solution of bleach water. Just my 2 cents worth.
dan :)

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I have had GT about a year and a half now. It just popped up out of the blue. I was wondering if any of you have a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath too. It seems like I always have this bad, weird taste in my mouth and lately it seems like I've developed bad breath. I've never had a problem with bad breath. This all makes me think that there has to be some reason why I all of a sudden developed these things. There has to be some sort of medical reason. Otherwise, why in the world would I just have all of these changes? And searching the internet just scares the heck out of me because I start diagnosing myself with all sorts of bad things according to the symptoms.

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LOUvox50(7 / TN)

"seems like I've developed bad breath"

..maybe a vitamin B3(niacin)deficiency?????


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I've just realized I had geographic tongue. I've researched the symptoms i have with a combination of other elements I have noticed, and I am right where I've begun. Geographic tongue sucks, and the only noticeable success I had was with the drug mycelex, which is a drug for yeast infections. So, if you didn't try mycelex I'll try that and try to brush your teeth as often as possible. and buy a good tongue scapper for bad breathe, especially if you notice a hairy like tongue.

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Hi all. My latest finding is that celibacy helps GT to get better.. I know that it sounds really weird but for me it seems to be true. 1-2 weeks and the results start to show.

It might be related to Prolactin levels, or some other hormonal thing,
Before I start taking any "prolactin prevention" or similar medication, any males out there that might have similar experience? :)

I have read somewhere that for females GT may be related to ovulatory cycle so there may be something in this hormone thing. Any females noticed that the thing has gotten worse during pregnancy (high prolactin)?


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Follow up on my remarkable story in Geographic tongue II. (Post before last post on it) My tongue is healing enormously. Can't believe my eyes. Even the dental marks on the side are going away. Like I got a new tongue. When I get a new lession it dissapears after one day! That psychic man has given me magnesium blasomething D10 and silicea D10 and something called N1 to furter strengthen my liver. I'm starting to think it's a miracle. This man has saved my life.

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I've suffered from GT for the last 2 years. I also have fissured tongue. Fissured tongue seems much worse to me. About 3 months ago, I had a large fissure down the middle of my tongue and a bunch of small fissures towards the tip on the front. The GT was acting up at the same time. It bled and burned badly. This got old fast! I got so irritated mentally one day, that I started to brush my tongue really, really hard. I mean really hard! I gargled with hydogen peroxide afterwards. Immediately following the tongue brushing episode (within 2-3 hours), I noticed the GT started to subside. Cool!

Currently, I savagely brush my tongue 2 times a day with Tom's of Maine's SLS (sodium laural sulfate) free sensitive teeth toothpaste followed by a 20-30 second rinse with hydrogen peroxide. My tongue fissured are gone, and so is the GT. I haven't had any issue with my GT/fissure since I started this simple program. No doctors, no medication, no supplements, no diet changes.

During the first hard brushings it hurts. Suck it up and deal with it. I really think this will work for a lot of people.

I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who also tries this regiment. Good luck to all.

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I wonder if Geographic Tongue & Burning Mouth Syndrome are related to liver damage due to toxin from intestinal bacterial infection, PCBs/Dioxins/Mercury from fish/seafood, Herbicides/Pesticides from produce, etc. Anyone here consumed a lot of Farmed Atlantic Salmon?

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Anyone with Geographic Tongue have other neurological symptoms besides BMS, ie Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Tinnitus, twitching muscles, transient stab-like pain? And is your cholesterol high, especially LDL? Do you have problems with fatty foods, ie cooking oil, fatty meats, chocolate, etc.

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Hi all, i think i've a geographic tongue but i m not sure so i hope somebody can help me because the doctors don't know ANYTHING about it.
I'm not english so i try to do my best to eexplain.
4 month ago, after a sinus my doctor gave me 10 days of penicilin. After 2 weeks when i was eating some rice, i felt my tongue burning and i thought "strange" i didn't eat hot food last days! I went to the mirror and i noticed the first "patch" on the right top of the tongue. This patch became bigger during the whole right side, a few days later i had another one on the tip. Well they cleared up after a month and since that EVERYTIME i have THE SAME 2 patchs IN THE same place and they cover the same area. When it starts i already know where it will finish. When i have this 2 patches my tongue IS BURNING like hell, i can't eat anything. REally i stopped eat, it's impossible for me. I noticed that when i try to eat less chocolate my tongue stays clear for 2-3-4-5 days. Somebody can tell me if this is geographic tongue?

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Caipy said "10 days of penicilin. After ... i felt tongue burning ... first "patch" on top of the tongue ... BURNING like hell ... when i try to eat less chocolate my tongue stays clear for 2-3-4-5 days."

My tongue also burns after most foods high in saturated or monounsaturated fats. Penicilin is a fungus toxin that kills various bacteria. Penicilin has to be detoxed by the liver. I wonder if your liver was affected. You might try to get your liver tested. You might try taking silymarin supplements. For some reason, I had good results with bromelain, an enzyme derived from pineapples. Also reduce all sugar intake.

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Well the thing is that there's no kind of food that trigger my tongue immediatly, it just burn but don't change my patches. But maybe, if today i eat a lot of sugar or yeast food, tomorrow i will have a new patch.
So well i think my liver is ok, I've never had liverache.
If you say that is a fungus toxin, maybe i have something like candidia? Because the thing is that i tought that the patches of the gt can appear everywhere on the tongue but mine is still cover the same area, it seems like just a part of my tongue is affected.

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Ciapy wrote "... i think my liver is ok, I've never had liverache."
> I dont think one can feel liver inflammation in most cases. If your liver is weak, small amounts of alcohol will probably make you feel unproportionately sick. Also see if fasting clears up your tongue.

Ciapy wrote "maybe i have something like candidia?"
> I assumed this for a long time, treated my self as such, helped but didn't get to root of problem. By the way, fungi are nearly everywhere in one's environment and food. Impossible to get rid of.

Ciapy wrote "i tought that the patches of the gt can appear everywhere on the tongue but mine is still cover the same area"
> Mine tended to be static, mostly in back half of tongue.

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Yes, this is a possibility but i had 2 weeks ago blood exams and everything's more than ok, so i'm healty.
Anyway if this disorder is really candida i agree with you, it's not simple to avoid fungi everytime. I just can tell you that a year ago i had a vaginal candida and i started to be more carefully with food. So i stopped to eat foods with sugar, with yeast, i ate a lot of probiotic yogurts, white meat, lot of apple, drink water and avoid fizzy things, and so on. And that helped me a LOT and i got ride of candida which has ruined me in 6 months.

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Caipy wrote "blood exams ... ok, so i'm healthy ... had vaginal candida ... started to be more carefully with food ..."
> In my opinion, your gut flora is/was deficient. Slowly add more soluble fiber from psyllium, beans, oat bran, whole grains, veggies, etc. And even limit sugary fruits.

My alternate theory is that for some, their flora is deficient due to toxic bile from liver trying to neutralize toxins such as PCBs, dioxins, DDT, heavy metals, mercury, herbicides and pesticides from farmed-fished, animals (esp their fat), and even otherwise healthy fruits and veggies.

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I too suffer with GT. It just became progressively worse over the years. It is indeed GT, not a yeast infection, as confirmed by my GP. I now firmly believe that it is stress and anxiety related. I suffer from regular panic attacks and anxiety and it is directly related with my worsening GT condition. My GT often fuels my anxiety, so I feel locked in a vicious circle. I had all the blood tests done (thyroid, liver, kidneys, blood, B-vitamins, blood sugar, cholesterol,etc.) and was told that my results were excellent, actually exceedingly good for my age. I even had high levels of the good cholesterol which is excellent news. This doesn't surprise me at all as I eat such clean diet of unprocessed, everything made from scratch food. I admit of being obsessed of eating only organic food and completely avoiding all junk food. I was eating like this even BEFORE getting GT. Thats what makes it so puzzling. Why me? I eat so well, my B-vitamin profile is perfect, everything is perfect. IÂm healthy and never come down with flu, not even the occasional thrush. Nothing! So those claiming it has to do with stomach acid or whatever other physical problems, how do you explain my case? My stomach, digestive system is healthy. I drink kefir daily and my digestive system has never been better. I wasnÂt always this healthy, only after I started to obsess with food that IÂm eating. I now believe that as my obsession got worse as I would get stressed over the food I eat, my GT appeared as if from nowhere as I created more stress in my life.
Well, I'm now absolutely convinced that this affects people who tend to be more dramatic and high strung, less laid-back, because we get stressed more easily and often have some unhealthy obsessions because of our nature. E.g. my obsession with eating only unprocessed, high quality food at all times. I'd rather go hungry than to eat junk or something with additives in it. Btw. I'm not saying this to praise glory to myself. I'm saying this to show you how an obsession like that can go unnoticed and seem as a good practice. In fact, it is an unhealthy obsession that took control of my life. So, do examine your life of any seemingly innocent things you may do, caused to you by your hyperactive controlling mind. It can be quite frustrating sometimes as I won't eat out with people that don't feel the same way about food like I do. I rarely eat out anyhow , because I must know exactly what's in my food. That's also the reason why I want to be a stay at home mum, so that I can be in full control of what's everyone eating. Anyhow that is just to show you how obsessed I have become. But at least I'm aware of this.
I will try the visualisation suggested here and EFT (emotional freedom technique)on my tongue and see what happens. I think GT is my body's way of telling me to rid of this anxiety and obsession that stem from past traumas and issues that made me the high strung person IÂm today. These issues need to be addressed first.
And yes, perhaps you can find a temporary or permanent relief by using any of the remedies here, but it will manifest again sooner or later if the underlying issues are not addressed. And if you claim permanent victory over your GT then watch some other problem recurring instead. The anxieties, stress, unresolved issues will haunt you until you acknowledge and release them. Or if you do indeed manage to rid of your GT , consider that it wasnÂt perhaps GT to start with or it was indeed caused by B-vitamin deficiency which can be easily remedied.
Try EFT on yourself to release the stress and see what happens. That is what I'm going to try and will report back with results.
Also I think that those here who recommend scrubbing tongue with peroxide/baking soda, ect. don't have GT or at least they have something else along GT. Because scrubbing your tongue if you have a flare up is the last thing you'd feel like doing - it hurts (talking from experience)!

Peace everyone and take it easy.

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first i would like to apologize about the long winded message that im leaving for you to read, BUT PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING... it might help you..

I to have GT, It first started when i was about 15 or 16 and first started as a few dots that i thought were ulcers, they were round pink in the middle, red outline and white borders... it would come and go, so i really didnt think it was anything, i am now 20 years old and the condition has gotten worse (larger) and looks like africa on one side and england on the other LOL, and yes it still comes and goes... but recently (before i knew it was GT) i started to get curious about what it could be, so i looked it up online.... IT SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME, it made me think i had something that could kill me, like HIV, Syphillis, AIDS, Cancer, or herpes.... i have no health insurence so getting to a Docter was hard for me.... so i went with my friend when he had a check up... i asked the docter what it was and he told me it was GT and told me the symptoms... he described me to the "T"... he said it is largly stress related and i agree... I am a largly stressful person, i get depressed and anxiety really easily... when i experiance these my tongue does get worse...

for all of you that were scared as much as i was, the internet made me a hypocondriac, and made my stress sky rocket... dont read into that much, if you are scared then see your docter, but in the end it will be nothing... i suggest that you relax, and forget about the insignifacant problems in your life... try to hang out with your friends or family, and get out and do something... it will help you i promise....

p.s.. just to be safe i was tested for many STDS and all came negative LOL

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Anyone try apple cider vinegar for gt? Any comments on what that outcome might be

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Its doubtful that ACV will help. Geographic tongue is cause by a cell adhesion protein that is not being made in the right quantity, ACV will not bind to and upregulate the gene.

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I had tried everything (EVERYTHING = all sorths of doctors and specialists, tonsils removed, wisdomteeth removed, all amalgam fillings removed, all sorths of allergy checks, acupunture,... you name it!)
THEN, I out of dispare, finally decided to consult... a psychic!(yes a psychic!). I Just called the guy without my name for an appointment without reveiling my cell number. I was instructed to come by with a picture and say nothing. I just sat down in front of him at his desk. He scratched a picture of me several times and said after a while: well, one of your liver functions is not working properly and that causes irritation of your mucuous membranes(!!) I've could have been there for a broken knie, irritable bowels, to contact a dead friend or whatever! :-)
So this man wrote down to take: Chelidonium D4 in morning, again at 17pm and then Taraxacum D4 at 19h and 20h for 2 weeks then 1 day 2 days off. My tongue is clean, red and less thick. Was this the root cause?? A sick liver?? Now, I've been pretty much clean for 6 months.. and he kept changing the prescriptions every 1,5 month to keep the medicins working (??). I stupidly lost the previous prescriptions but I still have all the homeopathic bottles. Homeopathy works, and not all psychics are idiots...

good luck!

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Homeopathy prescribed by a psychic - yes, I'm surprised more people don't try this.

Did you give him your e-mail address?

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Wow, I was so expecting him to have an e-mail for us.

Incidentally your tongue is not a mucus membrane, and GT is not a response to irritation (although it is certainly irritating). Presumably you told him something over the phone, maybe he only has medical cases bring photos. A broken knee or IBS probably would have been noticeable through the ordinary 5 senses. Its all about using the 5 known senses to create and illusion of a 6th.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Wow, Freudian slip, by email I meant retailers website.

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OK all you sceptics (of which with some typical sarcasm humor, pleasse..) out there.

Somebody told me, don't post it, people will make fun of you, and yes, you did. This actually p*** me off when I try to help you. Imagine how that feels like. Anyway, I know you need the help however.

1. I called him with Calling Line Identification Restriction and a prepaid anonymous card. OK!? Said nothing but asking for an appointment. I did not give him any email addresses or names or whatever. Please, I know there are con men out there doing NLP, suggestions and so on like Derren Brown and so on. Trust me, I know that world..

2. So said NOTHING but 'hello' when entering his room, gave him a normal portrait picture of me of about 6 years ago (did not have the condition at time of picture I guess). Thinking, well, at least I'll have a good laugh if he is sooo wrong.

3. My tongue (and burning mouth and palate!!) so yes mucus membrane) has healed and I feel like telling the world OK? Please, do you think I earn any money from telling this? I'm not exactly in the homeopathic business, jeezes..

4.By now, I know people going there for other non visible problems and he is bang on every time. So, you believe whatever you believe. I did what I could. If you do the same, and it helps, please spread the word OK?

P.S. NO I'm not giving you a retailer link, do not contact me for a retailer or whatever. I'm NOT selling anything. OK!

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Why doesn't this guy take the Randi million dollar challenge?

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Well, that I don't know. They probably have some explanation for that.. :-) I only told you my experience, and again people, I'm just saying that, and nothing more. Have a great lesion free 2009!

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The tongue, and its features, is an indication of what is going on inside the body. I suggest you go to a Chinese or Ayurvedic practitioner who knows how to read and interpret the features on your tongue and then to treat the body to eliminate the geographic tongue.

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Sounds like the psychic - only less entertaining.

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Hi everyone and sceptics,

I promised many people that emailed me to give the prescription plan the psychic -indeed-man has given me. (see other post: you'll see I've been suffering for years and had tried ALL there is to try: tonsils gone, amalgam gone, etc..etc...) Ive been there 5 times now. 25/visit. After the 1ste time my tongue lesions started to fade. (after 2 weeks) Its been a year now and my tongue is absolutely clean. Also, I dont have any white coating anymore. Expected end of visits for me will be July he guesses.

How does it work? The time between every two visits was about 3 months. You need to take the drops with a small glass of water. No tap water! The schedule is to be divided throughout the day. So the first in the list should be taken when youre sober. Very important: you need to take the drops every day the first 2 weeks. Than every other day for 3 weeks, and the remaining time every 3 days to keep the medicines active (so he told me).
I really hope I help all of you out there by giving you this information. And dont forget: metaphysics tell us to believe it is going to work. Just think about the absolute power of the placebo effect. Also, I you are cured by this email me as feedback and dont forget to help other people when YOU can. Thank you!
1st time:
8h: Chelidonium D4 10 drops, 12h: Chelidonium D4 10 drops, 16h: TaraxacumD4 10drops, 20h TaraxacumD4 10drops
After 3 months: You should see a difference by now!!
2nd time:
N31 Vanocomplex 10 drops, N31 Vanocomplex 10 drops, Chelidonium 30K, 3 grains, Magnesium Phosforicum D10 15 drops, Silicea D10 15 drops
3th time
N5 Vanocomplex 10 drops, N5 Vanocomplex 10 drops, Kalium Phosforicum D10 15 drops, Silicea D10 15 drops, N31 Vanocomplex 15 drops
4th time
Natrium Muriaticum D4 10 drops, Natrium Muriaticum D4 10 drops, Hydrocotyle asiatica 6D 10 drops , Chelidonium D4 3 grains, Avena Sativa D1 15 drops, Lachesis D12 7 drops,Sulfur D30 10 drops, Sulfur D30 10 drops, Passiflora D1 15 drops

Oh yeah, he did another reading and told me my company would skyrocket this year. Yeahaa! (no I'm not in the homeopathic industry :-D)

Take care people.

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Hi Martin, i have a question for you.
2 weeks ago i went to buy the Chelidonium D4 and the TaraxacumD4 but the pharmacist didn't want to sell me them because she said that one of the 2 stuff it's better to not swallow. Do you know something?

Sorry for my poor english, hope you or someone can help me, i'm really curios.

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>> The tongue, and its features, is an indication of what is going on inside the body. I suggest you go to a Chinese or Ayurvedic practitioner who knows how to read and interpret the features on your tongue and then to treat the body to eliminate the geographic tongue.

All medical systems involve the patient sticking their tongue out. Some pay closer attention to what is visible than others.

Reminds me of the old idea in ayurveda that a particular type of crease on the ear is a marker for heart disease. Seems that wester medicine has finally discovered what was long known in another system:

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Actually, while there was research back in the '80s suggestive that prominent earlobe creases were a sign of coronary artery disease, that idea has been falling out of favor based on newer evidence:

"Some studies have found that people with earlobe creases are at greater risk for heart attack than others. More recent research suggests that earlobe creases are more common in older people, and that age, not the presence of creases, accounts for the increased heart attack risk."

As for examination of the tongue, this used to be more important in diagnosing vitamin deficiencies, which have become much less common thanks to vitamin-fortified foods. Tongue examination is still useful for purposes like detecting ulcers and potential cancers or to test cranial nerve function, but it's hardly the window to assess overall health that some suggest.

I've seen zero evidence that Chinese/Ayurvedic practitioners are capable of "treating the body" to eliminate geographic tongue.

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>> Actually, while there was research back in the '80s suggestive that prominent earlobe creases were a sign of coronary artery disease, that idea has been falling out of favor based on newer evidence:

That article you linked to wasn't newer evidence, it was an opinion piece commissioned for, incorporated. The research I linked to (from 2007) found that the crease can in fact be a valuable indicator, particularly in men between the ages of 30 and 60. By itself, it is only a sign, but it may help an alert examiner (or the person themself) pick up on risk factors or underlying disease.

>> ... but it's hardly the window to assess overall health that some suggest.

Well, I would not have worded my post the way that drjs did - the tongue is only one indicator, not a complete examination in and of itself. And I doubt that many Ayurvedic or TCM physicians limit themselves to only looking at the tongue.

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The article on did in fact note that earlobe crease association has been downgraded thanks to newer research. One example:

"CONCLUSION: The ear-lobe crease is associated with age and overweight, but does not predict a hemodynamically relevant coronary heart disease.

And another research study says:

"After adjusting for known vascular risk factors, socioeconomic variables and ELC (earlobe crease) was neither a significant independent predictor of (coronary artery disease) (p=0.45) nor of retinopathy (p=0.14). CONCLUSIONS: The ELC is of little value as a sign of the presence of diabetic vascular complications."

Bottom line is that the reports showing an association with heart disease are balanced out by studies showing no association, and earlobe creases have not been considered a reliable indicator of heart disease for at least a decade or more. There are much more reliable risk factors that are considered, including age, gender, heredity, total and LDL cholesterol, hypertension, obesity etc. If you look at authoritative reviews of coronary artery disease risk, you're very unlikely to find the authors urging you to examine earlobe creases.

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Hi everyone,
I have had GT for over 5 years now. Nothing that I have done has seemed to fix it. I have gone to several doctors and they say its not a big deal, I will always have it. I need help! I usually get the patches at the end of my tongue. Some say they do not hurt, but mine do. They burn and they itch. I feel like it makes me have bad breath as well. Can someone please help me?? I bought a tongue scraper today along with mouth rinse for oral problems such as canker sores. Im hoping that will help a little. I was reading some of the other blogs and it looks like many people rinse with hydrogen peroxide. Im going to try that. If anyone has any other info for me, please help me! Thank you!

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Hello everyone! I'm so very excited to have finally discovered a remedy for GT! As I described in my previous post, certain foods such as coffee bean oil (in espresso and minimal processing coffees) and chocolate without a doubt bring on my GT. I believe that these foods compromise my immune system's ability to fight certain foreign invaders, particularly fungus on the tongue. How did I come to this conclusion? Because Nystatin Oral Suspension rinse works! It totally caught me by surprise, but in my desperation, I gave it a try. GT (in my case anyway) is a manifestation of a systemic defect. Nystatin takes care of the expression of the symptoms of a systemic problem. I was so focused on fixing the problem from the inside out (Vitamin B12 helped) and missed a huge part of the boat! Since I don't want to stay on Nystatin for the rest of my life, I began researching for mouth rinses that have anti-microbial activity. My adventure lead me to an alcohol free natural mouth rinse that contains herbs. It's called "PerioWash" by Nauture's Answer. I'm so excited about having gotten to the root of this problem. I hope the PerioWash will continue to work for years to come and not result in fungal resistance. I hope my discovery helps all of you as it has helped me. Ask your doctor for a prescription of Nystatin Oral Suspension rinse and see if your problem is a fungal one like mine was! I had read that Nystatin helped other people, but didn't believe and thought it was too far out. I finally experienced it for myself.

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>> Holiday and being in the sun => makes it better and may almost disappear. may be related to it being a skin disease, mental relaxation or both.

Or Vitamin D?

A quick search of the literature shows an pattern of it appearing with the term psoriasis ... over ten percent of all articles on GT mention psoriasis. Many other articles discuss a disturbed immune system. So the idea that it may have an immune component, and may respond to increased sunlight/vitamin D are plausible.

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If your tongue flushes after doing all the right things, you are probably experiencing what is known as a "healing crisis" meaning it's going to get worse before it gets better because your body is flushing toxins.

The tongue is a natural outlet for your liver; liver cleansing can flush through & irritate your tongue.

Changing pH levels will flush your tongue or give you thrush (antibiotics are famous for doing this); coffee (acid) & chocolate (alkaline) are opposite ends of the pH spectrum & can shift your balance one direction or the other. Kefir, yoghurt & vinegar will, too, but the first two will encourage good flora in your digestive tract which will enhance liver cleansing activities.

Painful tongues can be rinsed with a VERY diluted solution of clove & myrrh essential oil (1 drop each to 1/2 c. warm water). It will sting like h*ll but then numb & sanitize & usually clears up ulcers within a day or so if done 2-3x/day. Hydrogen peroxide will irritate the crap out of your tongue & basically burn off the top layer of cells-- not good not helpful. Salt will provide minimal, short lived relief-- do if for what it's worth to you.

The COMPLETE range of B vitamins & siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus not Panax) will help with immune responses to stress.

Hope this helps.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Is there any science behind what you just said Mary?

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To Caipy (above) (sorry for the very late reply!!)

Not selling those 2 homeopathic products to you??? Strange, the normal circuit of medicins are convinced that homeopathy = water with tiny tiny tiny x 1000 drops of some fluid, so they should not mind about cause they don't believe it works.

My advice: go somewhere else in your hometown... BTW, still a clean tongue now, after 1.5 years, just checking back on who's following my advice from back then and read about the results.... I only direct myself to whom is open to this method.. others, please I don't need your opinion on what drives me to do this (selling products or whatever), I'm sorry.

Take care people.. I'll be checking back within a couple of months...

To Simplemary: exactly what that psychic guy told me!!! Something about your body is flushing toxic things (he said as a result of negative thoughts ...?? :-) ) and then the tongue is suffering from it as an outlet..

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I too have geographic tongue. I have found that when I had the highest amount of stress/anxiety in my life it was at it's worst. I noticed that it is worst after cigarettes and or alcohol. I also noticed that it tends to clear up when I am eating a clean diet with reduced amounts of processed foods. If I stick to whole grains and a very healthy diet of a lot of fruits and vegetables and get a lot of cardio it clear up. It only makes sense since toxins in our bodies are eliminated via our tongue, skin and lungs. The less junk I put into my body and the more I do to elminate the toxins, the better I do. By doing a lot of cardio, toxins are expelled via my lungs and sweating. I now use it as a gauge for how well I am treating my body. I am no puritan but it keeps me in check with limiting the bad things in my life. Too much stress, tongue gets nasty. Too much bad food, tongue gets nasty. Not enough working out, tongue gets nasty. If I am a good girl, it completely clears up and remains clear. I have not had to purchase all kinds of remedies and solutions to treat it. It just goes away when I am good and treat my body well ;)

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Martin they didn't sell me the Chelidonium because apparently it's better not to swallow it, this plant is pretty toxic if assumed for oral way. People use it for warts.
Do know anything about it??

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Hi, I am 23 and have suffered with GT my whole life. The docs said I was born with it but didnt enlighten my parents on how much is would affect the things I eat and how much it hurts! so I have to monitor everything i eat and try not eat hot food or things that are sour or sometimes even chocolate will set it off! so after ive eaten these things or something that will set my tongue off with immense pain that people who dont have GT wont understand just how painful it is. Yes my tongue looks weird an freaky, loads of bumps and its swollen. So now I always carry mint chewing gum around with me. As the menthol takes away any of the pain! so please try it! that or peppermint tea! i dont even like mint but i chew it because of the great affects it has on my burning tongue.
I hope that helps anyone. It is such an underestimated pain that we share, and is not hardly recognised by any medical health person.
If anyone knows anything else that can help treat the sypmtoms, please let us know!

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I was diagnosed with GT about 30 yrs ago when i was in 2nd grade. I was eating dill pickle slices and my tongue started bleeding from the center. Then my mom noticed red whelp-like bumps. So i went to doc next day and he said it was GT, and i should avoid acidic foods. Over the years i've learned things that flare up my tongue: ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, any citrus fruit or juice, tomatoes, pickles, salt, sour candies, bananas, nuts, salad dressing, sherbert...I could go on but you get the point. :)

As far as remedies:
1. Avoid acidic foods/beverages, and any other foods/beverages that have caused flare ups before.
2. If you must eat/drink these things, drink cold water or milk with it.
3. Take ibuprofen (or other anti-inflammatory otc med) to reduce pain and swelling.
4. Suck on some ice, rolling it around in your mouth to both soothe burning and reduce swelling.

Good luck living with this rare, incureable, non-contagious, weird mouth disease. Remember...prevention is the best cure. :)


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