Growing turmeric

bstruss(9)August 16, 2012

In researching the best curcumin preparations for health reasons, I have decided to grow my own because the best tested preparations include the essential turmeric oil (but are very expensive). Therefore, I have included a link with a cool picture (and article) of some plants that I just received.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Turmeric

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I've grown these plants from roots I get at the local health and organic foods store. Since the plants are not hardy here, I have them in pots. They do go dormant when the house temps in the winter are in the mid-60's. Since they are potted plants, I really can't grow them for use - they just don't get that big. But they are fun and pretty anyways.

Share more pics as your plants grow - especially if they ever bloom for you!


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powdered turmeric, a near panacea in the medicinal herb world and which contains the oil in significant amounts, is very inexpensive and can be bought in bulk at many health food stores.

turmeric is a tropical plant which requires a very long season of long hot sunny days which you can't get in the u.s. the growing climate determines the amount of essential oils the plant contains, the plants will not produce normal amounts in a few months in the temperate zones. you're better off buying the powder of well grown turmeric and using that, its more potent and will contain a lot more oil. if you want it for medicine that is.

if you're growing it as a novelty or for horticultural fun right on!

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Thanks kaliaman. You mention that the powdered turmeric would not be lacking in any of the 'essentials' of the fresh root? I am wondering then, if the turmeric sold in small containers in grocery stores, would be just as fresh as that in health food stores?

Another question on growing, I posted a youtube video at the bottom of my blog which showed removal of the top growth during transplanting to facilitate rhizome growth. So I am wondering if keeping the plant trimmed in general, and not allowing flower growth would also facilitate more rhizome growth?

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From what I've seen about growing turmeric (including a prevous GW thread), getting adequate rhizomes seems to be a natural outcome of good growing conditions, whether or not the plant flowers.

To help the plant channel more energy into the roots/rhizomes, I'd avoid excess nitrogen fertilizer.

Sounds like it'd be a fun plant to grow.

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the turmeric sold in small bottles is an unknown as re how long its been on the shelf and is pricier. bulk herbs are usually fresher and considerably cheaper.

cutting the flower stalks off as they come out will allow the plant to use those nutrients for producing larger rhizomes and so is recommended....this is a very common horticultural practice on many crops and works well.

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Thanks everyone, that confirms what I suspected about keeping the flowers cut (though I would let some grow out just for looks). Now, can anyone recommend a good place to order some fresh rhizomes? I can't find any near by.

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try the produce department at a health food grocer or whole foods market...they sell fresh turmeric root that grows readily when potted up, i've done fine.

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Yes, I am sure it would work as I have planted ginger this way. I just didn't want to drive an hour to the nearest city that sells it - if I can order it online.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Various Asian or Indian grocery stores that have fresh produce may also stock it as well.

Call around before making the trip. The health store I shop at only occasionally sells the fresh roots. I suspect it is a seasonal thing for their organic growers/suppliers.


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