For a diurectic, Do you use the root or the leaves of Dandelions

debethz(C MO)August 19, 2005

Hi, I am so new to this, I could use some help. I have water retention and need relief. Do I use the root or the leaves of the Dandelion? I bought a herbal supplement called Dandelion Root 520 mg and wonder if I did the right thing or not. Will wait for replies before I take any.

Also if anyone got the story of the amazing exercise to get rid of water rention as mentioned on Gandy's post plz forward it to me. My main email address is Due to that virus thingy to join Garden Web I had to use a differnt email address cause msn wouldnt let me replay. Either will work, thanks, Beth

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Usually, it's the leaves which are used as a diuretic. However, the roots also have diuretic properties.

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Hi Beth, Both will work but fresh is usually preferable.
Be sure of your identification if you are collecting your own plants. Otherwise consult a local hebalists or botanist.

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Hi, if you're retaining water, there could be serious medical reasons, and you need to see your doctor to discuss it and not just take advice from strangers on the internet about weeds in your garden.

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There is an instant dandelion root tea with chicory and barley out now that is quite tasty and noncaffeinated; you might want to try that if your local healthfood store corries it. I have been drinking it cold all summer with milk and ice and pretending it is iced coffee.

The amount in a beverage is more a food amount and would be a low key way to ingest some dandelion root without possibly overdosing yourself. If it seemed to help, you could drink more or less to taste.

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debethz(C MO)

Thanks, I have gone to the doctors, hince me coming here. Not surpizingly they havent helped me. I am taking Dandelion root in tablet form just because I already bought it. I will do the fresh when this is all gone.
Thanks again.

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oakleif(z6 AR)


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oakleif(z6 AR)

Lucy saying fellow herbalism members are strangers on internet giving advise about weeds in garden. (DANDELION)

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