Will my potted raspberries be okay?

emorems0(PA - 6a)March 27, 2014

I know heritage raspberries are pretty cold hardy, but I just planted them (bare root) in 7 gallon fabric pots (5:1:1 mix) last week and the night temps the last four nights have been cold, only 12-17 degrees F. Should I have brought them in? As of right now they just look like a stick in the pot, no leaves or anything, so it's hard to tell if they were impacted by the cold.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

They'll probably be OK. I'd be concerned if they had green growth that turned black. A dormant stick is much hardier.

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How deep did the potting mix freeze? You can always temporarily put a couple of extra inches of potting mix over the shallowest roots, brush it aside when warmth returns, but doing this on top of already frozen mix will keep it frozen longer.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

As mentioned they should be fine. You can plant dormant bare root raspberries in freezing weather. So no worries!
Fruit trees too!

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emorems0(PA - 6a)


So... I'm refreshing this thread for some more advice. It's May and my raspberries haven't leafed out or made any indication that they are going to. Spring is definitely here in PA, I should be seeing some budding/leafing out by now, right?

In addition to those sub-freezing nights after they were first planted, I probably should have watered them more. It was my first time using the 5-1-1 mix and I didn't realize how often they should be watered (although, every time I checked them, the mix was still moist a few inches down even if the top looked bone dry).

Did I kill my plants? I'm wondering if I should just pull the 'sticks' out and use the pots for my extra tomatoes that need to get planted next weekend. But I don't want to pull them pre-emptively. AND if they are a total loss, is there any point in contacting the company? I followed their planting instructions to the "T"; one of the two bare-root plants had a pitifully small amount of roots to begin with, but I couldn't say for sure what did them in.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I'm in 6a and mine are leafed out almost completely, so it looks like they are dead. Wait, you just planted them in March, OK, well they could be still alive. Maybe check one to see of any roots. The nursery should replace them.

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